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  1. try mailto: instead of to: if that does not work try adding from: header that is more specific
  2. Hovering over home makes the corners not rounded on the left. I still think the background colour is awful for the body. Orange with blue? choose one or the other? - you don't seem to have acted on this, maybe the text is just blurry? Just one personal note from me, couldn't you make it 2 column? the two right columns seem as though they should be merged to give the left column more of the page. CSS: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mikeclevertips.com%2F XHTML: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mikeclevertips.com%2F
  3. well the PHP will create the html, so add some ID's and Class's to the tags and style them appropriately with CSS.
  4. This begs for the question, Why did you buy it then and if the answer is because you didn't know, Why didn't you get a refund XD. @ First impression: The body BG colour is horrid. The blue for the links is too hars on the white BG. Orange with blue? choose one or the other? Other than that I like it a lot.
  5. You have to make your website conform to google indexing methods and rules.
  6. What do you think is the best way to deliver a tutorial to users on the net? I'm swaying between forums, wiki's and blog's etc. I was wondering if you knew of any systems that provide tutorial delivery and how they do that.
  7. Same, read 1/3 or more though
  8. better yet write down some lyrics that you remember .
  9. Nah, I reckon that the DOCTYPE is "Not Applicable" due to the sites awesomeness. Not many things can stop your brains thought process while it is in mid thought but this site did for me. Why is it ... How can that ... Are they being ... OMFG AWESOME lol
  10. So would learning what web standards are: http://www.w3schools.com/ .
  11. LOL, maybe when I'm 21 and can drink , ima keep the infromation for this place in my favy's it has defo interested me, shame the legal drink age in the US is so high , I'm from the UK you see .
  12. 1: Keep it. 2: Keep it. 3: Yes - Make the FAQ an index page and split each of those sections into seperate pages, keep the top part on the main FAQ page though but still allow to jump to the specific answers. p.s. Another observation - Remove the links from the bottom of the page (they are already at the top). @off topic: I wanna go .
  13. Ahh O.K. good information thanks, it seems that the method I am using now will be best then, thanks again for pointing that out.
  14. Confirmed and agreed, I tested it in IE8 (messed up) and firefox (appears as you want it to). I would do some revamping on the colours etc. for example: - The videos on the right hand side would benefit from some padding at the top and bottom. - The links on the right hand side have too much padding. - The links on the left and right would benefit by a "collapse / expand" feature that would allow you to hide or show each of the main items sub items - Seems a bit thin width wise to me, this is because of the sidebars. - There might be too much content for the main page but this may become less of a problem with a wider width (or removing the right sidebar). - Adding a footer may be a good idea to place some of the content in (right sidebar items possibly) Other than that the thing that you do have right that is good is content and plenty of it, you just need to manage it better.
  15. O.K. which code did you copy and paste? as I stated that the second set of code that I posted works as I have changed it but would preffer to keep the display inline property, if you read the second set of code I use the float left property with the display block property. Another problem I would point out is that the first set of code still causes the same issue even when the code is on its own meaning it is not a problem with my other CSS and must be something to do with the "Relevant" section of CSS that I posted in the first post. I would also point out that you informed me of the LoVe HAte rule which I had forgotten about since the last time I was making a web page yet you still did not use that rule in the code that you posted up. I notice that the code that you posted does not address the issue at hand either and simply informs me how to do something completley different which I was going to do next as I am styling my site completley with css. Thanks for you efforts to help though, it was appreciated even if I still have the same issue. Any more suggestions?
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