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  1. You're right... I used to use a status variable, 0 for undeleted, 1=sender_deleted,2=receiver_deleted, so if greater than 0 then set 3 (fake double delete). But I like your reference table, works better for groups, thanks... Know I need an education!
  2. Brilliant, works a charm, many thanks. As to using this method, in PM system I use two messages so can track deletes easily, whereas here I'm trying a MSG system without delete (*more a buffer) and half the storage... Who knows
  3. Freakishly excellent as usual! I'd got half way there last night but the way you order the id's and use a separator makes it work. Not tried yet but many thanks
  4. Hi, its about the grouping msg's over two columns, not how to use sort... Thanks though
  5. Suppose there is a table with the following columns: id, uid_to, uid_from, msg, date_sent Using the following selects all interactions with our user: SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE (uid_to=".$uid." OR uid_from=".$uid.") ORDER BY date_sent How to extend this to group by ((to & from) and (from & to)), so that it only shows the latest in any conversation? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm sort of up-skilling this week and am playing with Zend... I'm after the quickest n simplest way to get going, for now... (ideally install local to project, so can test over time with diff versions etc...?) To start with I followed the full instructions here: https://framework.zend.com/downloads Which were basically: composer require zendframework/zendframework I executed that within a directory within (say) public_html (no virtual hosts here! /var/www/html/demo/) Is that right, or am I supposed to install that in a non public directory? Where usual (CentOS 7)?
  7. But because there are two forms on the page, I feel have to use the # id identifier too? My problem seems to be that both forms use the first forms' current values, whereas the second form should use its own values.
  8. This should be really simple... basically its a class which generates a search / filter form for a list. If I just use it once this works fine, but when I try to do two implementations the second form uses the information from the first form. See in the "this.view_recalc" function in the "GET SELECT OPTION" part: <!doctype html> <head> <script src="jquery-1.11.2.min.js"></script> <style> td{vertical-align:top;} .myform{border:1px solid black;} .mylist{border:1px solid red;} .mylist .nub_items_title,.mylist .nub_items{} .mylist .nub_items_title:after
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