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  1. Miko

    php question

    hot damn it works!! thanks mate!
  2. Miko

    php question

    The design shows me that the headers are only in 2 colors, so if the header has more then 3 words it will still stay the same and have 2 different colors (it's pretty nice though). The main thing that I need is to figger out how to fetch the 'unknown amount' of elements after the first element (after exploding off course).
  3. Hello, I have a 'strange' situtation. I have this string "Who Am I" that will be used as an header (site for a client) but the design shows that the word "Who" and the words "Am I" are in 2 different colors, in HTML this is a quick fix, but in PHP? What I was thinking was explode the string and fetch the first element put it in a var en then concat the 2 others. But what if the title is more then 3 elements after exploding? It needs to be more dynamic, but I don't know how to do it. Does anyone have an idea?
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