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  1. Hello again. - Visiter enters page - Script checks existence of session variable determining access - If not found, displays login form and 'create new acc' button. - If found, displays "You are logged in as soandso." and gives relevant options - If login form is submitted, code checks details against the database, and determines whether user has entered correct information. If they have, it sets a minimum of two session variables, one $_SESSION['access'] is used to determine if whether or not the person is logged on. The second $_SESSION['usr'] stores their username for use in code. It should also redirect this user back to this page, where the access variable will now be detected. - If 'create new account' button is pressed, form appears with pertinent registration details. Each page in your site should check the existence of the $_SESSSION['access'] variable to allow or disallow member features. This is rough, but it's basically the setup I use. I advise reading the tutorials mentioned in the last post. I've read a few, and they helped me in understanding Sessions in particular (very easy once you understand them, like so many things).
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