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  1. I just thought it would be good to explain why the original calculation was not working.
  2. Your math is off. There are 1,000 mm in a meter. But there are 1,000,000 square mm in a square meter. You should divide by 1,000,000 if you use the approach in your original post. 900mm * 1500mm / 1000000 = 1.35 sq meters
  3. My guess is your XAMP configuration is pointing to the wrong folder for Document Root. Looking at your File System image, I see a folder named "public". This is often the name of the document root. Perhaps your AMP configuration is pointing to SchoolApp-master when it should be pointing to SchoolApp-master/public. In the public folder there should be an index.php file and a .htaccess file. There is probably also a folder in there called auth.
  4. 1) Be aware that the user can disable Javascript, which means none of your validations will run. It is OK to validate using Javascript for the purpose of giving the user a quicker negative response however you absolutely must validate (again) on the server using PHP. 2) PHP runs on the server. It is done and has gone away before the browser ever gets the page to display. So, in fact, you cannot "integrate PHP into form validation" (on the client side). In order to "integrate" them, the browser makes a call to the server which will run a PHP script and send a result. This is usually handled using AJAX (Asynchoronous Javascript and XML).
  5. If you are using Apache, you want to look at mod_rewrite.
  6. Also, consider the third parameter to explode(). It can be used to specify the number of elements to be generated. $parts = explode(' ', 'Who am I', 2); // $parts[0] will be 'Who' // $parts[1] will be 'am I'
  7. Try this: WHERE '2010-02-25 09:36:05' BETWEEN startdate AND enddate
  8. SELECT gcap, tcap FROM (...) a LEFT JOIN category ON category.id = type.id You are referring to type.id when there is no table "type" in the query, so no "id" field to check. I'm guessing you want to return the "id" column in the psuedo table (SELECT type.id, type.caption as tcap,genre.caption as gcap FROM type LEFT JOIN genre ON type.id = genre.id UNION SELECT type.id, type.caption as tcap,genre.caption as gcap FROM type RIGHT JOIN genre ON type.id = genre.id WHERE type.id IS NULL ) ( or maybe that second type.id should be genre.id? ) and then JOIN ON "a.id" in the main SELECT.
  9. New lines are ignored in HTML. You will have to use nl2br() to convert them to line breaks (<BR>). The htmlspecialchars() should take care of quotes and other special characters. So the command would be echo nl2br(htmlspecialchars($TheString)); Don't switch the two functions around or you'll get the line breaks as clear text. If that does not work. Use the "View Source" command in your browser and take a look at what is being sent. Post that, and some code, and maybe we can help.
  10. add an if statement inside the loop ? while ($teams = mysql_fetch_array($result2, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { if ($winid == $teams['teamid']) echo "" . $teams['teamname'].""; } although, I think I would just add AND teamid = $winid to the query rather than return and loop through a bunch of rows that are not used.
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