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  1. Dear Friends I am using this code function CheckAll(chk) { for (i = 0; i < chk.length; i++) chk.checked = true ; } function show_now(){ var my_day=new Date() //var dt = new Date(\"Aug 16, 2005 05:55:00\"); var day_name=new Array(7); day_name[0]="Sunday" day_name[1]="Monday" day_name[2]="Tuesday" day_name[3]="Wednesday" day_name[4]="Thursday" day_name[5]="Friday" day_name[6]="Saturday" day_name=day_name[my_day.getDay()]; if(day_name=="Sunday") { document.getElementById('day_7').checked = true; CheckAll(document.getElementsByName('day7[]')); } else if(day_name=="Monday") { document.getElementById('day_1').checked = true; CheckAll(document.getElementsByName('day1[]')); } else if(day_name=="Tuesday") { document.getElementById('day_2').checked = true; CheckAll(document.getElementsByName('day2[]')); } else if(day_name=="Wednesday") { document.getElementById('day_3').checked = true; CheckAll(document.getElementsByName('day3[]')); } else if(day_name=="Thursday") { document.getElementById('day_4').checked = true; CheckAll(document.getElementsByName('day4[]')); } else if(day_name=="Friday") { document.getElementById('day_5').checked = true; CheckAll(document.getElementsByName('day5[]')); } else if(day_name=="Saturday") { document.getElementById('day_6').checked = true; CheckAll(document.getElementsByName('day6[]')); } } This code i am using for the checking of Check boxes according to day, this code is perfectly working i called the Function "show_now()" on the onclick funtion but it is not working on the onload function, as i want to use that code on onload function. i want that when i refresh the page the a series of checkbox which are according to the daywise has been selected according to today. and this action has been perform when i refresh the page so that is my problem when i use that code on the onclick it is working nicely but when i use it on onload it is not working which is my requirement. for calling of function on Onload event i am using that code <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> window.onLoad = show_now(); </script> Kindly help me regarding this i will be very thankfull
  2. Dear Friends I have a little problem, i want to make a back button on the content pages which will go backward to the previous itemid page, and this process should be dynamic. Is there any code to put on the link for going in backward direction. I am working in joomla 1.5.10 Thanks and Best Regards
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