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  1. For past 8 years, I design and host custom registration pages for small(er) events where users can submit their registration, upload paperwork if needed, look up their registration status, ... There are no accounts for users, only handful of admins, no credit cards, no social security numbers, no anything critical. Admins can log in and review/edit submitted information, export them in various ways, see the paperwork,... Code and databases are hosted on shared HostGator servers with dedicated IP. I have SSL on all registration pages and log ins. Passwords for admin accounts are salted and
  2. I have been using SwiftMailer for few years now to sent confirmation emails upon registration and password recovery emails is requested; with great success. I have first stared to code the page and manually triggering it by going to the URL directly with my browser. Entire thing runs in little under one second, completes in full, no error and all intended people get emails as they should. Here is the relevant code: require '../../scripts/swift-mailer/lib/swift_required.php'; require '../../scripts/swift-mailer/confirmation_smtp.php'; // Create the Mailer using your created Transport
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