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  1. For past 8 years, I design and host custom registration pages for small(er) events where users can submit their registration, upload paperwork if needed, look up their registration status, ... There are no accounts for users, only handful of admins, no credit cards, no social security numbers, no anything critical. Admins can log in and review/edit submitted information, export them in various ways, see the paperwork,... Code and databases are hosted on shared HostGator servers with dedicated IP. I have SSL on all registration pages and log ins. Passwords for admin accounts are salted and
  2. I have been using SwiftMailer for few years now to sent confirmation emails upon registration and password recovery emails is requested; with great success. I have first stared to code the page and manually triggering it by going to the URL directly with my browser. Entire thing runs in little under one second, completes in full, no error and all intended people get emails as they should. Here is the relevant code: require '../../scripts/swift-mailer/lib/swift_required.php'; require '../../scripts/swift-mailer/confirmation_smtp.php'; // Create the Mailer using your created Transport
  3. The session script above is called every time an admin page loads. Rest of the code does not handle any session information. But I have figured it out. When initially logging in, with history and cookies cleared, I was going to https://domain.com/... which when logged in took me to that page, however the admin menus are going to https://www.domain.com/. I guess https://domain.com/ and https://www.domain.com/ are seen differently when logging in. I learned new thing today
  4. I am working on log-in script, but I am having some issues. Here is what's happening. With history and cookies cleared on browser, I go to my admin page that require log-in and I am presented with my log-in page. I enter my valid credentials and system logs me in and shows me what I should see when logged in as an admin, like admin menu. When I want to navigate to another admin only page via admin menu, I am kicked back to log-in page as if I were not logged in. When I do log-in again, I am back in the admin only pages. After this second log-in I am free to browse around admin pages without ha
  5. Well, that is going to be problematic. I have many of files that were modified in last month by me alone. Going through all of them will take time. I do have SiteLock on the server and so far it came up empty. Side note: I have gone through raw FTP access logs and there are only my IP addresses listed. Also I have refreshed the Spamhaus blacklist and I am no longer listed as blocked. I did not click to have my IP removed (whitelisted). Could it be that it was somehow done automatically? As far as I know it does not. I was paying around with setting on the server though. Well, I am go
  6. This is where I show how new I am to this. How would I go about doing that?
  7. Here is the way I have it set up: Registration needs to be submitted to the database first. All user (POST) info is checked, screened and validated. I have not received "fake" registration in years. If the registration is submitted successfully, email script gets called and a registration ID (last id) gets passed to it. Email scripts queries the registration record based on the ID provided, if one is found, it executes the email to the email addresses that have been submitted with the registration only. Every time when email is sent, it is also BCC to "archive" account at the same time. I ha
  8. I am running a registration website where users receive email confirmation after successful registrations. About 4000 registrations/emails per year. Only after real "human" registration is submitted, a confirmation email goes out. I receive 0 spam/bot registrations. Nowhere on my site you will find a page where anyone can just enter email address and receive email without email and "human" verification. I have a Business Plan from HostGator and a dedicated IP address. I am using swiftmailer, and I had been using it for years with no issues until now. Emails are send from email address unde
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