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  1. So I've been using out Netbeans again for the last week, I'm starting to like it. haha I'm such a hypocrit. But no actually I installed an HD 4670 with 1 GB GDDR2 Vram just recently becuase the price of these cards has come down alot in the past 8 months, and Java virtual machine must like it becuase it working ALOT faster now,except for the lag part when you start when the virtual machine complies the code. But hey I guess if that is what it takes... The price you pay for writing apps in interpreted languages is that you'll need some good hardware to use it.
  2. I think understand what you mean, intellesense saves time, say you forget if the method in a class or function file is Foo_bar() or foo_bars(), the intellense will save you from having to open the file and look. That could save you a few minutes at best. But then again waiting .5- 1 seconds each time you open a file can be irratating, its like waiting for a slow website to load. We know that the average internet user will not wait more then 5 seconds, then will close your site. For me I would like a IDE that open up the files microseconds, like 0.002, that my 'threshold" before I get irritated. lol
  3. I have an AMD Phenom Quad Core, with 4GB ram. Edit: Here is my rig. Built it myself. Its not that my computer is slow, its Java.
  4. How can you stand the IDE written in Java? In FlashDevelop I can click on the [+] thing beside the folder in the structure tree, and click on it as fast I can click the mouse and it responds fast, thats what I'm looking for, those IDEs, you click on them and have to wait like 0.5-1 seconds. The "lag" effect Gets on my nerves, same thing opening the php files. I guess I'm stuck with Notepad++ for php. I did find a cool "Folder' viewing for Notepad++ so its starting to look more like a IDE, but still missing the intelsense.
  5. Tried Komodo, slow too, click on a "folder" has a lag of probably 0.9 seconds too long to show the structure. Almost as bad as the Java ones.
  6. So I'm I was using FlashDevelop IDE for learning how to make a game in Actionscript 3.0, I liked it alot. I"m really wondering is there PHP IDE's like that? Its soo fast... Seriously download and try it out, its so shiny and fast, I think it uses the famous free icons from famfamfam.com. Its written in C# too. I was thinking if I could find a IDE like that for PHP, I would be blazing threw my projects. The ones I can find for PHP are written in slow ass Java! Damn what were they thinking, I can't stand it. Netbeans and Eclipse are off my list, next some of those are only Mac. I can't find anything that is like Flashdevelop for PHP. :'(
  7. The 1st post of this thread (2006) really the shows the times then. Back then mysql + PHP was hard to find specially in free hosting mysql was almost impossible to find, I even remember some "Free mysql" hosts popping up at those times. Today its common, in fact every web host has it, even free hosts. So saying "Here are some web hosts that have php + mysql" really sounds stupid in today's context!?
  8. I use Notepad++ , I like it so much. I made a donation to the creator of it. Which you can see my name now on the donor list!
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