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  1. I notice on my site the image ( https://www.hidefinder.com/images/body_bg.jpg ) Returns this. (see screenshot) But on this does exist http://hidefinder.com/images/body_bg.jpg Also You can view the source folder yourself, the file "body_bg.jpg" is there on www or no www with or without https. Damn really strange, Why is firefox showing that error? Firefox as far as I know doesn't override 404 pages like I.E, so it show my own Server 404, (which is does) ( https://www.hidefinder.com/images/does_not_exist.jpg ) Anyone know what the problem is? I also checked the path in the virtual host, its the same for https and http yes and the server alias are correct. This is a Firefox problem I think. [attachment deleted by admin]
  2. It probably means the app is written in C# , so you need to keep your .net updated. Just like Java its an interpreted language. It probably would be very easy to make such a application with C#. Maby that sounds like a good project to work.
  3. Is that possible to disable the graphics in Windows while its boots? My windows is not slow, it does take about 60 seconds to boot. But I do have a Quad Core Phenom, AM2+ mobo and 4GB of ram with a HD 3870. But I would prefer if it booted in half that time. one of the most annoying APPs on your computer that boots, is MSN messenger, seriously remove that garbage asap from autoloading on startup, even on my computer it makes the boot take 5 mintues. gawd I hate that application. But my sister when she comes over my house and uses my computer keeps installing it! >.<
  4. PugJR is on to something though, there is lately a lot of viruses. I've been using NoScript for Firefox for the past year. This would protect you from most virus hacks. Plain HTML cannot make you download virus but JavaScript can. I only allow Javascript for trusted sites. But most of the sites I view have Javascript disabled now. Btw you see how many sites are badly coded, menu in stranges places etc. without javascript. lol btw PugJR, don't confuse Jscript with Javascript, and same that Java is not Javascript. All are completely different things. Jscript created by Microsoft as an alternative for Javascript. Only Internet Explorer has it.
  5. keldorn


    what about facebook chat? - Same idea. The webpage makes an ajax request every few seconds. If you have enough dedicated servers its not an issue. If you had something huge like Facebook going on. You probably would quite a few dedicated boxes just for the chat. Multiple 1,000,000 users sending http request via ajax every 2 seconds, you will be going like 500,000 requests per second. That would quickly become unwieldy. It would cost a lot of $ to have that feature. (My opinion)
  6. So I was under the assumption that when using mysql_real_escape_string() to escape user input data, that while its the database, thing like say It's would be stored in the mysql DB as it\'s. It kind of threw me whether it was working or not. IN the database the input was not escaped, but doing an echo. $var = "'''''''''''''"; $var = mysql_real_escape_string($var); echo $var; Would print '\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\' But in the database it would be ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' So the question is. Is that how mysql_real_escape_string works? So the data in the database won't be escaped? It unescapes in the database? While that saves some trouble when retrieving the data.
  7. There in fact one called Channels, that will do that. But it can't be verified by other party without giving them your adsense login to check. A premium publisher with Google would get probably some API that would send the data to the user's account on your server and tell them in their CP how much they made. (Like in Sedo.com). The OP could though just let the person put their own pub-id on the site. Of coures that has issues of its own, then the publisher is also responsible for the content that appears on the site.
  8. To do something like that you have to become a premium publisher I think. With that you get an API that does it. Sort like how Sedo and Ehow does it... But I'm going to guess you dont make $10K a month with adsense so you probably won't get a premium account.
  9. It probably takes a few thousand people to play it simultaneously to hit that 1 in a million chance of some obscure bug, then they report it. Then the developers say, oh lets make a patch.. There are quite a few obscure bugs I've come across while playing games, namely like I enter a room then the door doesn't open. So I'm trapped in the room. Or one time I was playing Dead Space, and I was peering over a container, then when I looked away somehow I got place between the crevice of two containers and also was trapped. Right now I'm playing COD: World at war.
  10. Hey thanks for the link. Just what I need. I was looking over wordpress how they set it up, its much in the same way.
  11. Yes. So how about subnets? A subnet like can have like (255 * 255) = 65,025 IP addresses to go around. Its likely their ISP wouldn't change their IP to far in this range. If they even have that many IP addresses. Specially people at corporation behind proxies, are likely to have only maby a very small range like Say your a visitor logs in their IP is, they come back the next day, now their IP is How about saving just the first notations of the IP (67.159)? This certainly would narrow down session hijacking. This would require now the imposter to have an IP on the same subnet. Although not offering full protection, its another layer. The only problem I can see, is the IPV6 addresses which are coming out. You would have to make your login mechanism work for both. IPv6 are longer and more complicated, you probably will have to do a lot reading on the ipv6 to understand it.
  12. Thats not going to work, becuase you have to know the domain before the fact. By that time its too late. The spammer/hackers will use new domains all the time, the hosts file only acts on the DNS level. Firewall blocks IP addresses not domain names. As for china, I'm blocking that place on my computer. I'm sick of opening emails and seeing images being loaded from chinese hosted sites that pictures of pills. Click on that stuff and getting viruses. I'm completly sovling the problem here with a hammer.
  13. Here is more: Found this is my Hotmail. *do da da* opps I'm idiot and accidental clicked on this. Result, hmmm. Unable to connect Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at ea76/.hicofcg/.cn. Also as you see imagechicken.com could block China and make it harder for the chinese spammer to upload that spam image, to be used for spamming. You can see where this is going. Its a clear message. *Clean up your network or be blocked* Keldorn
  14. I found a easy to use firewall for Windows to protect you from these shady websites that are usually hosted in "x" country. http://www.peerblock.com and you can download the IP ranges of any country at http://iblocklist.com and configure it. Edit: *it works* lol Here is spam email from my hotmail. Science New Insights‏ From: Swindall (<removed>) Sent: November 7, 2009 2:07:10 AM To: <removed> Obama's nigro-solo http://www.mufahww.cn/ (c) 2009 Hiotarakaryywyi. All right reserved.
  15. I believe this is called programming by coincidence.
  16. Its work fine on mine, did you change the useragent, "Lol" might not be accepted and they returned maby a blank page or There be something wrong with your curl installation.
  17. I think its getting triple slashed that means you have magic quotes, You check if this on with this quick check. <?php phpinfo(); ?> If you have can't turn it off you have to incoporate this into your code for compatablity. $magic_quotes = false; if(function_exists('get_magic_quotes_gpc')){ $magic_quotes = true; } Then put your $_POST or $_GET data threw this first, if($magic_quotes){ $_POST['example'] = stripslashes($_POST['example']); }
  18. This should work. // Prepare the request $url = "set your url here"; //Set cURL transfer options $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT,10); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT,10); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERAGENT,"lol"); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); // Go !! $data = curl_exec($ch); //-- Any Curl Error? if ( curl_error($ch) ) { //-- Close cURL handle $error = curl_error($ch); curl_close($ch); //-- All done exit($error); } curl_close($ch); // -- NO error continue? echo $data; exit;
  19. It's funny, I keep hearing things like that, but never in my life have I experienced an ISP here with dynamic IP address allocation if we disregard the dial up era. Yeah, my IP changes like 3 times a year. I think with the advent of IPV6 this will not be problem, every device should have a static IP address in the next few year that changes like once a year or never. lol
  20. Right how could I forget that. My logic is not working great today. So does this sound like a good method? User logs in -> Save Ip address in Session and also their row in the database If remember me -> also save a unique id in the table and set a cookie with this unique id and their IP, which is md5 hashed. (I suppose too you can put a salt on them also.) During browsing -> Check that session IP always is thier remote IP ELSE log them out No session -> Check for a cookie , then grab the data from row with their cookie unique id and also check that the IP stored in database == their remote IP.
  21. Ok now how about security? Someone could steal the cookie, then put it into their browser and be logged in. Doesn't sound too secure. Maby put a warning beside the remember me " warning this will make your login less secure". xD
  22. What I could I store in the $_COOKIE that would allow the application to verify the user again securely, then automagically login them in again with a new $_SESSION?
  23. I have a button that says "remember me", if this is checked, I will check with isset for it, then will want to extend the lifetime of the session, how is that possible? I know with $_COOKIE you can set like 1 week etc. But with $_SESSION how?
  24. What is HEAD method, and why is that something to not allow?
  25. I'm able to easily create categories, but I run into problems trying to think of ways to create sub-categories of a category in a sql database, how can this be done in the most efficient way? This is how I would do with no sub categories. Say you an article table, that holds say articles. Okay you have: id+cat_id+content++++++++++++title 1+1------This is your first post+ Hello world Then you have another table called categories, where you have this, id+name 1+foo bar Doing this you can easily after a mysql query take the cat_id, then say, SELECT name FROM category_table WHERE id=1) You will get Foo bar. I belive this is called recurvsive naming, where the article table only holds the ID number of the category, which translates to name in category_table. But things to me, get more confusing when designing sub-categories. So what is the best way to design the tables using sub categories?
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