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  1. it really dosen't matter, it saves you a step... I usually keep files like config.php a directory back from www just in case file associations might get screwed up, other code can/should be kept in www dir.
  2. you can try... <A href="http://<?= $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']/file.php">open file.php</a>
  3. you will def have to go into your php.ini and change it manually... and restart apache by the way after you reconfigure php.ini
  4. very top of your code put this, after <?php ini_set("memory_limit","100MB"); or locate your php.ini file then open it, and change the memory_limit to like 100mb...
  5. post up come code my friend. otherwise no help.
  6. <? if($_POST["submit"]!=NULL){ if($_POST["username"]!=NULL&&$_POST["password"]!=NULL){ //username and/or password is filled }else{ //send person back to form or something.... } } ?>
  7. your db connection is not setup right... make sure all username/password/ and db name is correct...
  8. you have to upload image as blob to mysql... its easier to store in folder.... less stress of mysql server
  9. is this code oscommerce specific? or just random code?
  10. all redirection have to be done before any html or any characters are printed on the page... rearange your code...
  11. BK87

    upload a video

    you should try to upload a file first, instead of jumping into video.... visit http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/3729 they have an example
  12. $lim=$page*$max_results; $offset=$page*$max_results+$max_results; $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE gender = '$gender' AND age>='$agemin' AND age<='$agemax' limit $lim, $offset") or die(mysql_error()); try that
  13. html header for emails is... Content-type: text/html so insert $headers .="Content-type: text/html\r\n"; right before the mail() function near the end of the code
  14. I looked at your html heh... but anyway I don't have a result for your issue with paging, maybe next time I log on here, but I'd like to point out this little trick for "listing" for($i=18;$i<90;$i++){ echo "<option value='$i'>$i</option>"; } just quicker...
  15. add a randomizer at the end... <img src="nodownload.php?image=image.jpg&rand=<?= rand(0,99999); ?>"> or something like that
  16. yes you can do that, if you want my company can transfer for you $10-20 (depending on forum size)... takes approx. 1hr or so. but if you wanna do it your self then... copy all file from server A to server B then copy mysql database from server A to server B if you have cpanel on both servers, then you can just do a "backup" of your server, and then upload it to server B and unzip the file there.. have fun adios
  17. your script will connect to the db meny time... because 'while' will just keep connecting and connecting try this $db=@mysql_connect($server,$dbusername,$dbpassword); if(!$db){die("Database error");} @mysql_select_db($database);
  18. looks fine to me... you might want to cache your "data" so db doesn't work 24/7 if a person sees the same thing every time why pull it out of db... especially if its a lot of people at the time
  19. without refreshing the page? try regex... http://www.webreference.com/js/column5/methods.html basically you would "split" the file name the same way you did with your script.... this would work without refresing
  20. you just need to make a little php upload script I assume?
  21. refer to... http://us.php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-select-db.php instead to connecting to localhost, connect to external host with designated address...
  22. you want this right... Website A: have form.php, connect.php Website B: has sql server? you need to have a connection from Website A to Website B. You can set up a connection if your using mysql server, you need to create a user on Website B, with recognizing IP/host address from Website A, make a script that will connect the Website B to Website A, then create a script that will insert the info from the form into the database... I'm an old programmer, I'd sketch this for you, but I'm kind of rusty. =)
  23. you can make a direct connect to the other host's sql database, just make sure the other server's database accepts your connection but setting up a user with the ip address of the original host.
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