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  1. did you delete the table `mysql` ? (if not then don\'t)
  2. you don\'t have to edit the php source for this... just do [php:1:1eb605ea67]<?php function query_db($query){ $mysql_query=mysql_query($query); return $mysql_query; } $sample_query=query_db(\"select * from table order by column asc\"); ?>[/php:1:1eb605ea67] just some simple shit....
  3. try replacing [php:1:55ca29e7a5] $id = $_POST[\'id\']; [/php:1:55ca29e7a5] with [php:1:55ca29e7a5] $id = $_POST[\"id\"]; [/php:1:55ca29e7a5] and [php:1:55ca29e7a5]<?php $query = \"DELETE FROM notices WHERE \'id\' = \'$id\' \"; ?>[/php:1:55ca29e7a5] with [php:1:55ca29e7a5]<?php $query = \"DELETE FROM notices WHERE id = \'$id\' \"; ?>[/php:1:55ca29e7a5]
  4. try [php:1:ad8da68d88] $sql = mysql_query(\"INSERT INTO users SET id=\'$this->id\', name=\'$this->name\', title=\'$this->title\', points=\'$this->points\', respect=\'$this->respect\', postcount=\'$this->postcount\', artcount=\'$this->artcount\', mood=\'$this->mood\', status=\'$this->status\', pageviews=\'$this->pageviews\', group=\'$this->group\', fullname=\'$this->fullname\', location=\'$this->location\', email=\'$this->email\', signature=\'$this->signature\', textoptions=\'$this->textoptions\', logintime=\'$this->logintime\', clist=\'$this->clist\', ignorelist=\'$this->ignorelist\', about=\'$this->about\', avatar=\'$this->avatar\', interests=\'$this->interests\', aim=\'$this->aim\', msn=\'$this->msn\', yahoo=\'$this->yahoo\', jmonth=\'$this->jmonth\', jday=\'$this->jday\', jyear=\'$this->jyear\', bmonth=\'$this->bmonth\', bday=\'$this->bday\', byear=\'$this->byear\', hostaddress=\'$this->hostaddress\', password=\'$this->password\'\") or die(\"Invalid query: \" . mysql_error()); [/php:1:ad8da68d88] Make sure the fields exist in the table.
  5. In Dreamweaver I don\'t think you can do that, but I know for sure you can do that in Macromedia Fireworks MX. And your second question: Intead of using pixels in the <img> tags use percent.. i.e. <img src=\"img.jpg\" width=\"100%\"> have fun
  6. I think this is what you mean: Make a file called \'picture.php\' [php:1:59120b2234]<?php $imgFolder=\"images/\"; if(isset($_GET[\"img\"])){ print(\"<img src=\"$imgFolder\".$_GET[\"img\"].\"\">\"); } ?>[/php:1:59120b2234] Usage: http://localhost/picture.php?img=somepic.jpg
  7. BK87

    DNS error

    I\'m using my localhost for the domain right now, but later when I\'m all done, I\'m buying a domain.
  8. Hey, I got a prolem with my server... Why are people getting a DNS error when they go to some pages on my site, and others work? Running Apache2 on Windows XP pro Thanks
  9. BK87

    mysql problem

    How come sometimes when I start up mysql it works, and then other times it don\'t? I get some errors,(2003) and then when I go to services, to check for mysql if its started I see it isn\'t then I start it, and it jumps back to stopped state again. This\' the exact error that happens.... C:Documents and Settingsusr>net start mysql The MySql service is starting. The MySql service could not be started. A system error has occurred. System error 1067 has occurred. The process terminated unexpectedly. Some one help me.. thanks
  10. try this it works on my box.. as a matter a fact I\'m using it [php:1:eca989abab]<?php //Settings $server=\"localhost\"; $database=\"db\"; $username=\"user\"; $pass=\"pass\"; $table=\"table\"; //Code $db = mysql_connect($server,$username,$pass\"); mysql_select_db($database); $list = mysql_query(\"SELECT * FROM $table\") or die (mysql_error()); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($list)) { print(\"$row[usernme]\"); } ?>[/php:1:eca989abab] Again chage username to what ever field you have.. this works on my box, if it don\'t on yours, then I suggest you get another one.
  11. Try this: [php:1:6823e43252]<?php //Databaseinfo $database=\"db\"; $db = mysql_connect(\"localhost\",\"user\",\"pass\"); mysql_select_db($database); //Code $listm = mysql_query(\"SELECT * FROM contest_users\") or die (mysql_error()); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($listm)) { print(\"$row->username\"); } ?>[/php:1:6823e43252] Use $row to select the row that you want, like username, or pass... Hope it helps
  12. BK87

    Help please!

    never mind... but thanks anyway
  13. BK87

    Help please!

    Why does my, mysql service shut down when I start it? I use the proper command lines.. and this worked before.. then I restarted the pc, and boom it dosen\'t work... Some one help me.. Thanks
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