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  1. I just installed SSL on one of my sites. While it's working well on the main site, it's not on the wordpress blog here. I have added this snippet in .htaccess of the blog: RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] But it's still not fully secure with some assets not in secure mode. I used Httpfox to check all the HTTP requests and all HTTP requests are correctly redirected to HTTPS. Now I don't know why it's still not fully secure. I thought redirecting all HTTP assets to HTTPS would be the deal in this case? Is it? If not, it seems the only option left for me is to manually change all HTTP assets (href, src, etc.) to HTTPS across all the content. Is there any easy way to achieve this for the entire WP blog? A plugin? This doesn't seem right to me as I'm afraid it would neglect one asset or two on some of the posts or pages. This really sucks.....any help would be appreciated!
  2. I was told Google only cares about the first 65 chars of the title text. It will simply truncate the rest.
  3. On this page: http://www.scrapingweb.com/quote.html Viewed in IE8, the "Contact Us" button has an extra blue line to the right. The issue only occurs with certain browser windows size. I tried everything I can including shortening the text or changing the width but none of them worked. Any ideas?
  4. They do, but I'm not aiming to beat Google. I'm trying to make it as good as possible. Wufoo.com is a pretty awesome form builder and they are not Google.
  5. Form Kid: http://www.formkid.com/ Spent 3 weeks building this app that helps you create and manage online forms. You can create contact forms, survey forms, data entry forms and invitation forms or whatever you may think of. It's extremely versatile. Check out a contact form I created for my blog at here: http://www.formkid.com/f/kavoir/contact-kavoir-com/ Please go ahead and sign up for an account so you can try out all the features it currently has. It's not yet fully tested so there may very probably be one or two bugs somewhere out there. In case you find one, I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks!
  6. No, you get me wrong. You don't have to pay to see and review it. You can sign up for a free account to see how it works in the back end (control panel). However, if you want to experience the whole checkout process, you'd have to pay $0.01 to do it. But that's just a small part of my site.
  7. WinkCart.com is my most recent project that helps people create simple product pages to accept PayPal payments online and automatically delivers the precious cargo such as scripts or software or e-books to the buyers. I added one of my own products, a web template. If you are interested, you may go ahead and make a purchase to experience the whole checkout process I have coded. Or better yet, you can sign up for an account and create a demo product priced at $0.01 yourself and then buy it. To see how it works. You can view a demo product I created for just $0.01. Any feedback would be much appreciated. This app is currently in alpha phase and once it's thoroughly tested and used, I'll go ahead to add more features such as shopping cart and uploading of the merchants products.
  8. I have this post: http://www.kavoir.com/2009/01/web-hosting-mosso-discount-coupon-code-control-panel-demo-email-demo.html I tried everything I could but the right scrolling bar of the post content div simply refuses to go away. The problem is specifically on Google Chrome. Any idea what is causing the problem?
  9. I have created this logos showcase site for logo design inspirations. The design is rather simple yet very easy to navigate around the collection. What do you think?
  10. I'd think about how I did wrong and could improve instead of blaming on others. You can be better, actually much much better than you currently are and everything will start turning around. The best fuck the rest. If you are not the best in what you do, you will be fucked everywhere you go.
  11. My list of good hosts: [*]linode.com [*]slicehost.com [*]rackspace.com
  12. I use only trojan detectors such as Windows Defender.
  13. Zend 5.5 is my favorite, not quite like the eclipse version.
  14. Yeah, well, I'm new here and I wanted to say hello, everybody! I'm a web developer, just beginner to moderate level and I maintain a weblog.
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