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  1. Hello again. I know I have been gone for a while but I would like to show you all the new version of the forum. I have kept the old website (and repository) online as a backup and the new site can be found at (No proper URL yet). It uses NodeJS and Socket.IO to provide a real time experience. As you navigate around (some pages are still missing compared to the PHP version) you will notice there are no page refreshes. This was an important thing for me especially when creating a real time application. When you visit the site you are automatically subscribed to certain events (only 2 so far). These are new topics, and user logins. When a user logs in their name will appear in the online user list automatically. If you happen to be viewing a forum and someone makes a new topic, the topic will also pop in automatically. A new feature I have introduced is the way that new topics and posts are created. When you click the "new topic" button you don't get the usual modal popup. Instead you are taken to a page that resembles the topic. Simply click on the default name and default post body to change it and then click save. I feel this little feature will help with the flow of the site so let me know your thoughts. It is still quite basic and you can't do a lot besides create topics and posts (and login/register) but the core framework is shaping up nicely. I have a lot of new ideas which implement the real time aspect. For example when I implement a friend/follower system. When you login your friends will receive a popup to say that you have logged in, or when you create a new post they will get an instant popup. Or when you mention someone in a post (yup they will get a popup!). These options will of course be configurable for the specific user.
  2. From the element with the id of "top-search" you could have the classes all span 12 grid places. col-lg-12 col-md-12 col-sm-12 And then set a style to align everything to the center text-align:center You could also specify offsets for the element using classes. col-sm-offset-4 col-sm-4 That would also center it. For the bar you would need to remove background and border colors from the relevant element. In this case it is #top-bar
  3. In which post did I complain? I mearly stated that it would take alot more work than I thought to migrate from Silex. The code in those docs uses the config files to store global variables and, as I said, I cannot do it that way and it has to be from a controller.
  4. Going to mark this as solved (it isn't). I was planning on moving all of my codebase over to Symfony but it seems like it would take a lot of effort and disrupt my current workflow.
  5. Hi, I have started to create a project using Symfony 2. I need to share data between all controllers. I have added a base controller which extends symfony\controller and each of my controllers extends this base controller class BaseController extends Controller class HomeController extends BaseController This base controller will be used for things like assigning global twig variables ( I know I can do this in the config but some of the variables will be gotten from other config files and database ). So I thought I could reference container since Controller is container aware, however it isn't at the point I am using the functions (from constructor). public function __construct () I have seen people mention passing the container in as a parameter and mention services but I have had a look and cannot figure it out. All I want to achieve is this: public function __construct (Container $container) { $container->get('twig').addGlobal('foo'); }
  6. You can see the values of both POST and GET requests, neither is safer than the other.
  7. GET and POST are as secure as each other they are just different methods of sending data. GET sends it in the request header and POST sends it in the request body. If you really want to send data securely then have a look at SSL (HTTPS) or encrypt your data before sending it.
  8. The headers beg to differ. As long as you are escaping and typecasting the data then there shouldn't be any concerns with this method. However I wouldn't send data that is meant to be secured via this method.
  9. I have started to add some development documentation which can be found on the guthub page http://cjmarkham.github.io/asimpleforum/
  10. Ah poo, forgot to mention that the site had moved. Mentioned it on another forum but must have forgotten about this one. The new address is http://www.asimpleforum.co.uk/forum/
  11. When you learnt to speak, did you learn by forming coherent sentences, or did you learn word by word? You start from the beginning and then learn the best way to go about things.
  12. Have a look at the jQuery solution.
  13. A few hundred replies since my last post and yet no comments or referrals. Am I missing something here? Or are people just not interested?
  14. PHP has moved on but the practice of learning by browsing code and modifying it to learn hasn't. People will eventually move on to things like package control when they are competent enough with the source language. Better to learn one thing at a time than to learn several just to stick to best practices, those practices come with time.
  15. If you have categories that have multiple siblings you should have a look at modified preorder tree traversals
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