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  1. After being treated, what I believe to be, unfairly and rudely by a "guru" on this site and treated with disrespect by a "moderator" where they made me feel like I was stupid because they couldn't read what I was putting, I have decided to leave PHPFreaks. After 2 years of support and came a long way I am very disappointed in this result. Feel free to ban or delete my account cos i really don't care anymore.
  2. I actually did write it I just never knew they were called Quantifiers. My friend started me off with the bold tags and I went from their adjusting on where people can input.
  3. What are quantifiers? And I apologize but I never even realized that was against the rules since I had literally just deleted about 10 PM's recieved a year ago where people were asking me for help. But it is slightly frustrating when I request help on a forum where usually I get help no problem, and no one even bothers to reply when I get the same problem for a week+ straight.
  4. This would just result in a very messy code even if it does work. but I don't see why you have str_replace() inside str_replace()
  5. You can use an array: $search = array ('item1' , 'item2') $replace = array('replace1' , 'replace2') str_replace($search, $replace, $subject) If you have a second subject, just redo the str_replace line with $subject2 instead
  6. Question on this: Say I wanted to upgrade my current security system by taking the first 3 letters of a users username, and the last 3 letters of their entered password. putting these together then doing md5(Salt.Password.Salt2) (salt2 being a private constant word), then I save the original Salt in a separate database, and then do md5(Username.Salt2) would this massivly boost it compared to me doing this atm: Salt1 (Constant) Salt2 (Constant) Password = user input Password changed to: md5(Salt1.Password.Salt2)
  7. Escape your single quotes with \ first: someurl.com/this\'s_my_home.html <-- in the script. won't shop up the \ in browser afaik Spaces always will be displayed as %20 in URL's as that's how servers recognise them.
  8. for sanitization use mysql_real_escape_string() so in your case is mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['id']); What I was saying before is that in the first if statement: if (!isset($_GET['id'])) { $query = "SELECT * FROM ncmr WHERE id = '$id'"; } else { $query = "SELECT * FROM ncmr WHERE id = '" . $_GET['id'] . "'"; } You are asking it to use $id instead of $_GET['id'] but this query wont work since you haven't actually assigned $id anywhere first.
  9. Yeah sorry forgot to mark solved. I added the date_default_timezone_set() to my headers file which is present in every page.
  10. This also depends on the style of your website and the CSS. For things such as Forums, you don't generally want the tables wider than the maintitle image.
  11. Google and other search engines have to crawl your site before they will be added to the search engine. A way to speed this up with google is sign up for a web-masters account and manually add your site. However, if there are other websites with your keywords they could be higher rank than yours. Another way to get your site crawled faster is make sure there are links to the site on other sites that google already indexes (since google goes to sites regularly it checks every link it finds)
  12. Ok i have this as bbcode regex: $bbreplace = array ( "/\[b\](.*?)\[\/b\]/is" => "<b>$1</b>", "/\[u\](.*?)\[\/u\]/is" => "<u>$1</u>", "/\[url\=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/url\]/is" => "<a href='$1'>$2</a>", "/\[img\]http://(.*?)\[\/img\]/is" => "<img src='$1'>", "/\[s\](.*?)\[\/s\]/is" => "<s>$1</s>", "/\[i\](.*?)\[\/i\]/is" => "<i>$1</i>", "/\[color=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/color\]/is" => "<font color='$1'>$2</font>", "/\[size=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/size\]/is" => "<font size='$1'>$2</font>", "/\[list\](.*?)\[\/list\]/is" => "<ul>$1</ul>", "/\[list=1\](.*?)\[\/list\]/is" => "<ol>$1</ol>", "/\[\*\](.*?)/i" => "<li>$1</li>" ); $PostText = preg_replace(array_keys($bbreplace), array_values($bbreplace), $PostText); Now, this works PERFECTLY apart from 1 thing. If I use the [ list] then [ *] it does it like so: Any ideas? Edit: I have checked multiple skins and it isn't a skin issue.
  13. I keep getting this. Line 11: $Date = date(d)." ".date(F)." ".date(Y);
  14. if (!isset($_GET['id'])) { $query = "SELECT * FROM ncmr WHERE id = '$id'"; } else { $query = "SELECT * FROM ncmr WHERE id = '" . $_GET['id'] . "'"; } You aren't setting $id anywhere above these lines as far as i can see so your always relying on $_GET['id'] being set as well
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