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  1. Thought up my name for a game called Endless Online (which has since died and i stopped playing it about a year ago). My original name was going to be Overmind (from starcraft) but i thought it to be too common so i thought up this. My name is actually a cross between Tassadar, Raynor and Fenix (from starcraft) but Taserenix sounded strange so i changed the s to a z. Thanks for reading xD
  2. the above code will still return a T_STRING error because there is no semicolon This code should work: <?php $m1 = $_POST['m1']; $m2 = $_POST['m2']; $e1 = $_POST['e1']; $e2 = $_POST['e2']; $pc = $_POST['pc']; $br = $_POST['br']; $cn = $_POST['cn']; $fn = $_POST['fn']; $bld = $_POST['bld']; $eld = $_POST['eld']; if (eregi('http:', $bld)) { die ("Naughty Naughty! "); } if(!$e1 == "" && (!strstr($e1,"@") || !strstr($e1,"."))) { echo "<h2>Error - Enter valid e-mail</h2>\n"; $badinput = "<h2>Form Not Sent</h2>\n"; echo $badinput; die ("Go back! ! "); } if(empty($m1) || empty($e1) || empty($bld )) { echo "<h2>Error - fill in all fields</h2>\n"; die ("Use back! ! "); } $todayis = date("l, F j, Y, g:i a") ; $m1 = $m1; $subject = $m1; $cn = stripcslashes($cn); $message = " $todayis [EST] \n Main Tenanat Name : $m1 \n Secondary Tenant Name: $m2 \n Primary Tenant Email: $m1 ($e1)\n Secondary Tenant Email: $e2 \n Property Code: $pc Bedrooms: $br Coordinator Name: $cn \n Firm Name: $fn \n Begin Lease Date: $bld \n End Lease Date: $eld \n"; $from = "From: $m1\r\n"; mail("no-reply@edgeofamericaenterprises.org,", $subject, $message, $from); ?> <p align="center"> Date: <?php echo $todayis ?> <br /> Thank You : <?php echo $m1 ?> ( <?php echo $e1 ?> ) <hr /> </p>
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