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  1. I had the same problems with uploading images. I've struggled with permissions (XAMMP on Linux), with settings in php.ini, but nothing worked. I've included lots of echo statements to dump the values of the vars at runtime. I also included a infinite loop to check if the image file was actually uploaded to the temporary location, e.g. /tmp on Linux (if you do not change php.ini this is the default). But no images where stored there. Finally I changed GW_UPLOADPATH in appvars.php from a relative to a absolute path. This var nomally points to the relative location of my source files. I've hardcoded it to a fixed location on my Linux file structure with the proper permissions (r/w). Now the addscore.php script worked fine, but unforunately the index.php didn't. Images were still not displayed. The properties of the missing image files told me that the path was now the path to the location of my source file appended with the absolute path of GW_UPLOADPATH. And now I'm lost too. What else can I do to solve this problem with relative or absolute path settings?
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