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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Tazerenix, I will probably add some gradient to the tabs along the top, if the site gets sufficient interest. lqdmindz, thanks for your suggestion, I'll look into making the form a bit clearer. I'll probably add some more advanced borders and stuff once the site gets some decent traffic
  2. It's a good site, clearly laid out and easy to navigate. One suggestion though would be to resize the photo on the home page, as you are loading the entire image every time someone looks at the page, which consumes a lot of bandwidth. You could have it show the full sized photo when someone clicks on it. This would require you to upload a small version of the photo for the page, and a full sized version for when it gets clicked.
  3. Looks nice, the UI reminds me of the iphone armoury app. Love the mousover popout which displays item statistics, and the custom scrollbar. Can't really think of anything critical to say about it
  4. PS I might change the bacjground to a PNG - prefer the format over GIF I'm not sure why you can't see the source code. I can see it by clicking through the include links in the firefox source code viewer. If you can't see the source code, it's nothing that I planned If you wanted to protect your source javascript obfuscation's probably the way forward anyways but you probably already know that lol.
  5. Thanks for the feedback xcandiottix. I made the examples like that just because I like Final Fantasy stuff.. but yeah you've got a point there, i'll probably change the intro examples at some point
  6. I've recently developed a forum/message board avatar generation site. It takes an existing image from Google image search or an upload and lets you resize it, crop it, add text and add a border, then download in a variety of formats. Let me know what you think Avatar Generator
  7. A difficult question - a lot of Google results about the topic are from about 5 years ago, when everyone was using php 4. As I understand, ImageMagick can do this. However I ideally want a GD solution. It will probably involve the following steps: + Loading the animated GIF + Split it into frames + Resize or crop the frames + Stitch the frames into a new animated GIF Is it possible ?
  8. You would need to create or find a script which can parse your file into mysql queries and run the queries. If I were doing this, I'd create the script using php, as you get easy access to the database that way. There's probably a third party script out there that can do this.
  9. A few things - 1 - You're putting $_POST values directly into your query string without any escaping, which poses a big security risk. Look up the php function mysql_real_escape_string and use it to escape your inputs. 2 - It might be easier to work out what's going on if you posted the fully assembled query strings as well, i.e. the contents of $query and $queryb, just before they get used in mysql_query() 3 - It would be good if you posted the results of mysql_error() if there are any.
  10. If your book table's primary key is a field called "id", then something like this will do it: SELECT * FROM books ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 3 With this SQL, the most recent book will be the last one in the results. You could get the most recent book to appear at the top of the results like this: SELECT * FROM ( SELECT * FROM books ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 3 ) x order by id ASC ; Or you could just loop through it backwards in the PHP
  11. You are better off with MySQL's DATETIME format, because MySQL's date functions don't work on unix timestamps.
  12. Oops, just realised I made a mistake in that query. It should really look like this: SELECT *, COUNT(type) FROM updates GROUP BY user,type, ((60/30) * HOUR(date) + FLOOR(MINUTE(date) / 30)) ORDER BY id DESC
  13. You're better off using a scrollable div and ajax for that. Then you can call some kind of javascript function to set the scrollbar to the bottom of the scrollable div when the page loads.
  14. You could try something like this: SELECT *, COUNT(type) FROM updates GROUP BY user,type, GROUP BY ((60/30) * HOUR(date) + FLOOR(MINUTE(date) / 30)) ORDER BY id DESC The "30" bit can be replaced with whatever minute interval you need.
  15. It might be precendence issues that are causing it. Try sticking those OR terms in brackets, like this: SELECT DISTINCT Users.Username, Users.Firstname, Users.Surname, Settings.Title FROM Users, Settings WHERE Settings.Owner = Users.Username AND ( Users.Firstname LIKE '%{$query}%' OR Users.Surname LIKE '%{$query}%' OR Users.Username LIKE '%{$query}%' OR Settings.Title LIKE '%{$query}%' );
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