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  1. Because that is an invalid query.  It should be IS NOT NULL.


    CREATE VIEW loDensity AS
    SELECT Name, SurfaceArea, Population,
    Population / SurfaceArea AS popDensity,
    FROM country
    WHERE LifeExpectancy IS NOT NULL


    With views, when in doubt, just try to copy and past the SQL and see the error message.



  2. Inserting using the set-based notation doesn't need the () around the values.


    The following should work:

    safe_query("INSERT INTO ".PREFIX."cup_matches ($type, $type_opp, matchno, clan1, clan2, comment, 1on1)
            SELECT a.$type, a.$type_opp, a.matchno, a.clan1, b.clan2, a.comment, a.1on1
            FROM ".PREFIX."cup_matches a, ".PREFIX."cup_matches b
            WHERE a.clan2 != b.clan2 AND a.matchno = '$ID' AND b.matchno = '$ID' AND a.$type='h' AND b.$type='h'");



  3. Unless you have a key which you can order by, there is no way of doing what you are wanting.


    The only way would be to add a "DisplayOrder" column and then fill that in with the corresponding order and then when selecting out of your table, you would add "ORDER BY DisplayOrder" to your query.



  4. As AyKay47 said, your query is doing the exact same as just a straight SELECT on that table.  However that said, to answer your question it is because you have a subquery so you need to alias that table in order for SQL to know what to refer to it as:


    SELECT cadetId, lastName, firstName FROM
    SELECT tblcadets.pkCadetId AS cadetId, tblcadets.lastName AS lastName, tblcadets.firstName AS firstName
    FROM tblcadets AS tblcadets
    )  AS a

  5. SELECT DISTINCT r.id, r.title AS 'Recipe Title' , r.summary AS 'Recipe Summary', r.image , r.status AS 'Recipe Status', c.id, c.title ,c.summary, c.body, c.status,c.createdate,c.createuser,c.customerid,r.createdate, `firstname` , `lastname`
    FROM `recipies` AS r
    JOIN `customer` AS cu ON r.customerid = cu.id
    JOIN `comments`AS c ON cu.id = c.customerid
    WHERE r.status =1
    LIMIT 0 , 30

  6. Hi everyone,


    I have been coding with PHP / mySQL for 6 years now and have been freelancing on and off throughout that time.  I am now looking for a some small projects to work on.


    My strengths are around the back end of the application (making them work well) but I tinker with the front-end as well (however, I am not a web designer).  I also have a decent knowledge of JavaScript (I prefer to use jQuery to make my life easier).


    How to contact me:

    i) PM me on the PHPFreaks IRC Channel (judda)

    ii) PM me on the forums

    iii) Send me an email: http://bit.ly/rqsgxT


    Resume: http://bit.ly/rA0Hj9

    Development Projects: http://bit.ly/iemZYM

    Blog: http://bit.ly/uMHTRB


    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.




  7. Since it returns a boolean no matter what, you don't even need the if statement.


    return $row->cash > $finalcash &&
                   $row->core1 > $finalcore1 &&
                   $row->core2 > $finalcore2 &&
                   $row->core3 > $finalcore3 &&
                   $row->core4 > $finalcore4;

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