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  1. CloudFlare could be worth a look.
  2. I agree, I don't think "what's the best" is an accurate question when it comes to code editors/IDE's. What is a feature to one group can be a pain in the backside for another. I don't think that there is a universal right answer, although there may be, I have used a pitiful number of applications to code in. I do like it simple myself, and have been prone to using PSPad for a number of yeas now. I drifted into using eclipse for a little while, but setting up workspaces and projects was too much of a pain in the backside after a while and I just gave up. I also couldn't be bothered with the load up time of starting eclipse every time I wanted to go in and do a bit of coding. I have just recently started using an IDE/editor called CodeLobster, and I have to say, I'm quite liking it. It doesn't suffer from PSpads single most infuriating habit of auto closing absolutely everything as soon as you open it. i.e. you type a double quote and instantly you have two on the page, one in front of the cursor, and one behind. It drives me nuts. Code Lobster also has an integrated debugger - which I haven't trued yet, but if you set up your webroot it lets you preview pages in a single click, without having to change window and hit f5. Like other environments it lets you change the color theme in as few as 4 clicks (choices include all the popular editors), offering a preview of how each theme looks on each type of code (CSS/PHP/HTML/etc.). All in, it's shaping up to be a pretty polished bit of software. The basic version is free with the option to spend a nominal amount to upgrade to lite or a bit more to get pro. I was going to go into the differences but read through it and it looked like a rather shameless advert, so I deleted it and I'll leave it there.
  3. ensure that your From: address is a proper and legit' email address from a recognised domain.
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