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  1. AbraCadaver

    Illegal string offset error

    $confirmation is a string and not an array at that point. If you did $confirmation[0] it would give you string offset 0 which is the first character of the string, but there is no redirect offset in a string.
  2. Doubtful, what's the actual version number from php -v?
  3. Another one: if(preg_grep("/$search/i", file("legitimatesites.txt"))) { echo "This website is an authorised distributor"; } elseif(preg_grep("/$search/i", file("illegitimatesites.txt"))) { echo "This website is NOT an authorised distributor"; } else { echo "Unknown website"; }
  4. AbraCadaver

    Find and Replace in a file

    First, clarify what "but it doesnt seem to work" means. Report any errors using: error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', '1'); Also, no need to loop, you can use arrays in the str_ireplace: $haystack = file($file); /* put contents into an array */ $search = "$name, $sname"; /* value to be replaced */ $replace ="replaced, replaced"; /* value doing the replacing can be replaced by new variables*/ $haystack = str_ireplace($search, $replace, $haystack); /* case insensitive replacement */ But one problem is, what if $name and $sname are on different lines? No replacement is made. Maybe just use the file as a string: $haystack = file_get_contents($file); /* put contents into a string */ $search = "$name, $sname"; /* value to be replaced */ $replace ="replaced, replaced"; /* value doing the replacing can be replaced by new variables*/ $haystack = str_ireplace($search, $replace, $haystack); /* case insensitive replacement */
  5. AbraCadaver

    Eliminating array elements not containing string

    You want to use the key from the foreach. Also you want to use !== false because it exists: foreach($scanned_directory as $key => $elements){ $pos = strpos($elements, 'thumbnail'); if($pos !== FALSE){ unset($scanned_directory[$key]); } } However this is much simpler (replaces all of your code): $files = preg_grep("/thumbnail/", glob("$var/*.*"), PREG_GREP_INVERT);
  6. For the original question, if you don't need the 1 or 0 for some other reason (or even if you do, just include both the column and the column case), do it in the query: SELECT column_name, CASE WHEN column_name IS 1 THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No' END AS something FROM table_name Or: SELECT column_name, IF(column_name=1,'Yes','No') AS something FROM table_name For the fetch issue: $select_rma_detail->setFetchMode(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
  7. If you are instantiating an object of a class that contains those functions then upon calling set_FullName() if the if condition evaluates to true then the object var $this->FlagCount will be incremented 3 times. You haven't shown enough code or where you are attempting to see $this->FlagCount and it has not been incremented.
  8. Hi Guy, What's the problem?
  9. AbraCadaver

    Sanitizing Input

    This will never strips tags: $var = htmlentities($var); $var = strip_tags($var); Maybe reverse them.
  10. AbraCadaver

    Replacing <p> tags

    Though not the best solution, this should work: $newpost = str_replace("<div contenteditable=\"true\"><p>", "<p>", $post); $newpost = str_replace("<p>", "<div contenteditable=\"true\"><p>", $newpost); EDIT: Actually, your other idea should work: $newpost = str_replace("<p>", "<div contenteditable=\"true\"><p class=\"paragraph\">", $post);
  11. AbraCadaver

    PDO Connection to mysql

    Good idea!
  12. AbraCadaver

    PDO Connection to mysql

    IPv6 enabled Windows, such as Windows 8 resolve localhost to an IPV6 address ::1. If your application is not IPV6 then the connection must timeout and then the IPV4 address is resolved and used.
  13. AbraCadaver

    Insert in blocks

    Where are you running out of memory? Building the $values array?
  14. AbraCadaver

    Please tell me what's wrong?

    $allusers = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM PMs WHERE `status`='0' AND ReceiveID='$myU->ID' ORDER BY ID"); if(!$allusers) { echo mysql_error(); } Just a guess but you'll probably need: ReceiveID='{$myU->ID}'
  15. AbraCadaver

    Best way to search result with ARRAY of needles?

    If all you need is the count, here's one way: str_replace($needle, null, $result, $count); echo $count;

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