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  1. That's all Greek to me. Looking for someone to post it for me, can pay.
  2. Unfortunately nothing, that's why I am asking. This is not my skill department. But I can surely paste a query lol. What I need is a regex code to change the above. So where the **** would be 6453, in the below code, the **** would also be 6453. So all it keeps is the attachment number. Thanks!
  3. Not two codes no. Yes, looking for regex to take care of it.
  4. I am trying to change this [sharedmedia=core:attachments:****] into this [ATTACH]****[/ATTACH] And leave the same numbers intact, the *s are unique numbers per post. Thanks for any help!
  5. I'm looking to clean up some old vBulletin BBcode. I want to remove the actual codes and what is between them. So for example, I want to remove: [QT]random text here alpha-numeric etc.[/QT] Thanks!
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