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  1. I definitely fixed it. Thanks though.
  2. So I'm playing around with Regex : here's a working example https://regex101.com/r/ttNcvw/1 as you can see, in the second capture group, specifically here [/url][url=ok.com]ok As you can see, it's capturing everything that comes after the first , I've been working on trying to have it stop once it finds the first rather than the last instance of /url] so that it will be able to capture links on the same line, rather than having to put them on different lines. How would I change this properly?
  3. OK, i've decided I want the username 'Spring' if it's not taken.
  4. If possible, I would like the username Tony. Is this username inactive? I hope so! Ah lord, I just read the part not to ask for names that exists, my bad.
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