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  1. Hey guys , i have my own IPTV provider and i would like to make a web portal . in iptv there are some providers that offer a web viewer if you have no source for streaming like a Mag box.. the link is all M3U we login and we see the channels and EPG guide(tv guide) so in m3 u mode we get a link: http://stb.spades-tv.xyz:25461/client_area/live.php and if you use a M3u player like VLC or perfect player you get http://stb.spades-tv.xyz:25461/get.php? username=xxxxx&password=xxxxx& type=m3u_plus&output=ts in a m3u file : #EXTVLCOPT:http-user-agent=tttttttiiii LibVLC/3.0.0-git #EXTINF:-1,SFR Sport 1HD Fr http://rmd.primatv.club:8899/live/BestTV.FB/OAfllsYAJy/1464.ts gives you the channel and icon and link to video so the question is what can i use to play this?HTML5? i know the php is to get the files...
  2. techker

    Paypal Variables

    thats what i want.in the form to add user id that is selling the products so i can add it to a database.
  3. techker

    Paypal Variables

    no i was just using there button system to generate a buy now..still new on paypal..
  4. techker

    Paypal Variables

    i know that but im passing from a page to a paypal page.so its paypal that is gattering the info..how do retrieve that info from paypal
  5. techker

    Paypal Variables

    thx for the info. how can i gatter that info?
  6. techker

    Paypal Variables

    LOL! im i that clear?
  7. techker

    Paypal Variables

    Hey guys when i create a button in step 3 click the box add variables.. so i tried different formats: UserId=1 or even html and when i generate the code i don't see it? and once this works how do i see the value?when the clients pays it will send me the value?
  8. ya i got it going. i need to incluse the phpmailer in all the sites i do. i got the mailer to work for one client.still need to to an array and send emails out to all emails in the array.. this is the page that gathers info : $con=mysqli_connect("localhost","8","8","8"); // Check connection if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error(); } $todayDate = date("Y-m-d"); //Add $dateOneMonthAdded = strtotime(date("Y-m-d", strtotime($todayDate)) . "+1 month"); //echo "After adding one month: ".date('l dS \o\f F Y', $dateOneMonthAdded)."<br>"; $fiveDays = date ("Y-m-d", strtotime ($today ."-3 days")); $fiveDays3 = date ("Y-m-d", strtotime ($today ."+3 days")); $sql = 'SELECT * FROM Client_Data'; $result = mysqli_query($con, $sql); if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0) { while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { $ClientDate = $row['Date_registered']; $dateOneMonthAdded = strtotime(date("Y-m-d", strtotime($ClientDate)) . "+1 month"); $ID = $row['Cid']; $Client = $row['ClientID']; $ClientE = $row['Email']; $DatabaseDate = $row['Date_registered']; $DateEx = date('l dS \o\f F Y', $dateOneMonthAdded); $startdate = date("Y-m-d"); $expire = strtotime($startdate. ' + 3 days' ); $today = $row['Date_registered']; if($today >= $expire || $today < $startdate ){ echo "expired"; echo "<meta http-equiv=Refresh content=1;url=test.php?ClientName=$Client&ClientEmail=$ClientE&Expire=$DatabaseDate&CID=$ID>"; } else { echo "active"; } } } mysqli_close($con); send require 'phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php'; $mail = new PHPMailer;$ClientEmail = $_GET['ClientEmail'];$CLientName = $_GET['ClientName'];$DateExpiring = $_GET['Expire'];$ID = $_GET['ID']; $mail->IsSMTP(); // Set mailer to use SMTP $mail->Host = 'mail.tech-xxx.info'; // Specify main and backup server $mail->Port = 2525; // Set the SMTP port $mail->SMTPAuth = true; // Enable SMTP authentication $mail->Username = 'test@x-xx.info'; // SMTP username $mail->Password = 'qwer12345'; // SMTP password $mail->SMTPSecure = 'plain'; // Enable encryption, 'ssl' also accepted $mail->From = 'test@xx-xxx.info'; $mail->FromName = 'noreply@xx-xx.info'; $mail->AddAddress($ClientEmail, 'xx'); // Add a recipient //$mail->AddAddress('techker@xxxxx.com'); // Name is optional $mail->IsHTML(true); // Set email format to HTML $mail->Subject = 'Membership'; $mail->Body = $CLientName. " Your membership is set to expire on ".$DateExpiring."<br>"; $mail->AltBody = 'This is the body in plain text for non-HTML mail clients'; if(!$mail->Send()) { echo 'Message could not be sent.'; echo 'Mailer Error: ' . $mail->ErrorInfo; exit; } echo 'Message has been sent';
  9. my hosting fixed it.but last question i have a folder phpmailer in the root of the site im doing. do i need all of its content or just the required require 'class.phpmailer.php'; ?
  10. i downloaded PHPmailer and tried out there test folder i keep on getting this Could not execute: /usr/sbin/sendmail i chequed the php info and it is listed in it....
  11. thx for the info i can't install anything on the server..im not the admin i have a shared hosting account. if i run it i get an error 500.is there a way to put the files in the root of the server?
  12. im lost with smtp..mail function failed..
  13. ok i got the the triage part done!lol if($today >= $expire || $today < $startdate ){ echo $to . " " . $Name. " " .$today; //echo "expired"; //echo "<meta http-equiv=Refresh content=1;url=send1.php?ClientName=$Client&ClientEmail=$ClientE&Expire=$DatabaseDate>"; } From there i need to send it to a page that will email all...
  14. Hey guys..spent a few hours on this and going nuts..lol can somebody help? explanation: I need to loop in database and check to see if any clients are expired if they are expired or going to be expired soon to send a notification by email Problem 1 : can only use SMTP since they disabled Mail() on my server... Problem 2 don't know how to send to multiple people.. So i got the connection (Mysqli) got the query part and also the array in my for loop: $remind_query1 = "SELECT * From Client_Data"; //Sql query to find users that reminders dates match current date. if($run1 = $con->query($remind_query1)) { $rows = $run1->num_rows; for ($j = 0; $j < $rows; ++$j)//loop through each user in results and send a reminder email. { $run1->data_seek($j); $row = $run1->fetch_array(MYSQLI_NUM); $to = $row[4]; $Date = $row[2]; $Name = $row[1]; echo($to); echo($Name); echo "<br>"; //echo "<meta http-equiv=Refresh content=1;url=send3.php?ClientName=$Name&ClientEmail=$to>"; } } So i have a send.php with mail function for smtp i was thinking of passing the array to that page and the it could send the emails that is were im stuck..
  15. Hey guys i set up my SMTP send file with my business name and noreply@my buisness to try to avoid my emails going to spam.. but in all my emails i get This message may not have been sent by what is the way to remove that message??
  16. Hey guys is there a way to pass an ID to a Modal ? i have a product page and would like on click it opens my modal with the product information. <a href="#" data-toggle2="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="Quick View" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#quick-view-modal"></a>
  17. true.. but how can i take that data and send it to an admin email saying all these clients are expirerd?i want to automate it..
  18. the selection of the clients is done like in my first post, i setled the insert in new database not doing since they are alreay there.. i would like to update the databse mark all expired clients with a flag. so i need to loop tru all the clients expired and update there profile with an expired flag that part im confused
  19. i can list with foreach ($row2 as &$value) { echo $value ; } im thinking i can send the information from there?but value gives me all the clients info
  20. true..how can i liste all the clients? i would like to send and email to the expired clients?i can't use mail function cause my server has bloqued it..smtp only?
  21. its to insert in database all the clients expired.
  22. Hey guys i have a script that runs with a CRON job every day while ($row2 = $result->fetch_assoc()){ $todays_date = date("Y-m-d"); $Dates=$row2['DateServices']; if ($todays_date < $Dates) { echo 'Subscription is ok'; echo "<br />\n"; echo $row2['name']; echo "<br />\n"; echo $todays_date ; }else{ echo 'Subscription is expired'; echo "<br />\n"; echo $row2['name']; echo "<br />\n"; echo $Dates ; } } So im having a hard time taking all the data (clients expired and inserting it in a Exired database (inserts email and date expired. one im ok ,but if there is 3 clients how can i take the info and insert one by one in the database?
  23. this shows the list and the value echo "<option value='".$row['Name']."'>".$row['Name']."</option>"; if i put honda it waill always put the value?
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