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  1. the JS file is


        $(".item-row:last").after('<tr class="item-row"><td class="item-name"><div class="delete-wpr"><textarea  name="Item">Item Name</textarea><a class="delete" href="javascript:;" title="Remove row">X</a></div></td><td class="description"><textarea  name="Description">Description</textarea></td><td><textarea class="cost">$0</textarea></td><td><textarea class="qty">0</textarea></td><td><span class="price">$0</span></td></tr>');
        if ($(".delete").length > 0) $(".delete").show();
    is there a way to random the textarea name?like item2 description2....
  2. Hey guys i have an invoice template the fields are basic..price ,business.....


    but in the invoice section i have a add field button to add more items..(attached pic.)



    So how can i insert these extra fields in my database?cause it will insert all in one field..



















  3. great help man..(your up urly to is see..lol)


    i will test it it.thx


    im guessing i got to remove my } at the end iof the block.


     if(isset($_POST['imgmain']))            $Main = $uploaded_images[ $_POST['imgmain'] ];          // now we insert the uploaded thumnail to database        $sql = "INSERT INTO new (Main_Image, Image_2, Image_3, Image_4, Image_5)                 VALUES ('$Main', '$uploaded_images[0]','$uploaded_images[1]','$uploaded_images[2]','$uploaded_images[3]')";                if( ($result = mysql_query($sql)) )        {             echo '<p><img src="images/icons/accept.gif" alt"" /> uploaded!</p>';             $page = "index.php?page=portfolio";            $sec = "1";            //header("Refresh: $sec; url=$page");        }        else        {             echo "ERROR: ".mysql_error();         }     }}   this one

  4. i have to upload 4 diffrent image of the same car.out inside side rear...


    and i need to make one main image for main thumbnail on index page.


    so thats were im stuck..it uploads it inserts but not like i need it..

  5. think you can help me with my uploader??works good uploads all 4 images and reseizes them,.


    but it insterts wrong in database???


    i get :(capture attached..)




     $conn = mysql_connect($db_host,$db_username,$db_password); mysql_select_db($databse_name,$conn);    $sql="SELECT * FROM new";$result=mysql_query($sql);$data=mysql_fetch_array($result);$gebruiker=$_SESSION['username'];if(!isset($_GET['x'])){    $aantal=4;}else{    $aantal= $_GET['x'];}?><html><head>  </head><body><h3> </h3> <fieldset class="dashboard"><legend class="dashboard">Beheer</legend><?phpif (isset($_REQUEST['submit'])) {     $name = $_POST["name"];    $description = $_POST["description"];    $Main = $_POST["Main"];        $fieldname = 'imgfile';    $active_keys = array();    foreach($_FILES[$fieldname]['name'] as $key => $filename) {        if(!empty($filename)) {            $active_keys[] = $key;        }    }                foreach($active_keys as $key) {                       $path_thumbs = "upload/thumbs";            $path_big = "upload/images";                        //the new width of the resized image.                $img_thumb_width = 150; // in pixel            //Do you want to limit the extensions of files uploaded (yes/no)                $extlimit = "no";             //allowed Extensions                $limitedext = array(".gif",".jpg",".png",".jpeg",".bmp");            $file_type = $_FILES['imgfile']['type'][$key];            $file_name = $_FILES['imgfile']['name'][$key];            $file_size = $_FILES['imgfile']['size'][$key];            $file_tmp = $_FILES['imgfile']['tmp_name'][$key];               //check file extension           $ext = strrchr($file_name,'.');           $ext = strtolower($ext);           if (($extlimit == "yes") && (!in_array($ext,$limitedext))) {              echo "Verkeerde extensie.  <br>--<a href=\"$_SERVER[php_SELF]\">back</a>";              exit();           }           //get the file extension.                      $file_ext = end(explode(".", $file_name));               //create a random file name           $rand_name = md5(time());           $rand_name= rand(0,999999999);           //get the new width variable.           $ThumbWidth = $img_thumb_width;               //keep image type           if($file_size){              if($file_type == "image/pjpeg" || $file_type == "image/jpeg"){                   $new_img = imagecreatefromjpeg($file_tmp);               }elseif($file_type == "image/x-png" || $file_type == "image/png"){                   $new_img = imagecreatefrompng($file_tmp);               }elseif($file_type == "image/gif"){                   $new_img = imagecreatefromgif($file_tmp);               }               //list width and height and keep height ratio.               list($width, $height) = getimagesize($file_tmp);               $imgratio=$width/$height;               if ($imgratio>1){                  $newwidth = $ThumbWidth;                  $newheight = $ThumbWidth/$imgratio;               }else{                     $newheight = $ThumbWidth;                     $newwidth = $ThumbWidth*$imgratio;               }               //function for resize image.               if (function_exists(imagecreatetruecolor)){               $resized_img = imagecreatetruecolor($newwidth,$newheight);               }else{                     die("Error: Please make sure you have GD library ver 2+");               }               imagecopyresized($resized_img, $new_img, 0, 0, 0, 0, $newwidth, $newheight, $width, $height);               //save image               ImageJpeg ($resized_img,"$path_thumbs/$rand_name.$file_ext");               ImageDestroy ($resized_img);               ImageDestroy ($new_img);               move_uploaded_file ($file_tmp, "$path_big/$rand_name.$file_ext");                                                  foreach($active_keys as $key) {                     mysql_query("INSERT INTO new (Main_Image,Image_2,Image_3,Image_4,Image_5) VALUES ('$Main','$rand_name.$file_ext','$rand_name.$file_ext','$rand_name.$file_ext','$rand_name.$file_ext')");               }            }        }              // $sql = "INSERT INTO new (Main,description,video) VALUES ('$name','$description','$video')";                if( ($result = mysql_query($sql)) ) {             echo '<p><img src="images/icons/accept.gif" alt"" /> uploaded!</p>';             $page = "index.php?page=portfolio";            $sec = "1";            //header("Refresh: $sec; url=$page");        } else {             echo "ERROR: ".mysql_error();         } } else { ?> <div id="container"> <form action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" class="niceform" name="UD"><dl>  <dd>      <?php for($i=0; $i < $aantal; $i++) { ?>    </dd> </dl><dl>        <dt><label for="imgfile">Kies foto:</label></dt>        <dd><input name="imgfile[]" id="imgfile[]" type="file" />         <input type="checkbox" name="Main" id="Main">    <label for="Main"></label></dd>    </dl>    <?php } ?><dd><input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Insert"  /></dd> </form></div></fieldset> <?php}?> 




  6. ok..i didnt know it downloaded the full image...that answers why the page takes time to load...


    i didnt like the thumbnail and big size uploader cause to delete the pic it was complicated..


    needed to make like 3 scripts to redirect were the thumbnail is and unlink it the refresh to big folder and unlink....

  7. hey guys for my site i have a script that resizes the image for the correct size of the site...but since i put this script the images and site is really slow to load..guessing cause of the resizing..


    the reason why i put this is because if i only put width="" height=""  in the img it would distort ..


    is there a way to put width="" height="" but without distorting the image and slowing down the load time?

  8. Hey guys im doing a new dealership site for my buddy .he already has an older script that inserts prices like 15,000


    now in my new site i want to make ranges of prices


    like >= to or <= to...


    so it is working but half way..


    my code


     SELECT * FROM  `cars` WHERE  `Retail_price` >= 15.000LIMIT 0 , 30  
    it works but it also shows cars that do not have a ,
    like 900 or 500....
    i put the . cause in the database there is a ,
    is there a way arround this?
    and what would be the best format?
    no . just 15000 or 15.000
  9. hey guys when i set the width i seem to be getting a distorded image...


    <?php echo (empty($info['Image_3'])? "<img src=/images/noimage.jpg >": "<img src=/admin/uploads/thumbs/". $info['Image_3'] ." border=0 width=200 >");?>
  10. would you now how to search in database like price under 5000 over 5000?


    but the issue is is that the column Retail_Price hase the numbers like 5,000 it has that (,) so when i try <= 5,000 i get a mysql error..

  11. Hey guys im going nuts here..i have a car dealership script to do for my budy and i want to do a multiple search for by make..


    so i got a litle test script im doing to figure out the results..



    $search_string = "'" . implode( "','", $search ) . "'" ;$q3 = "select * from `cars` where Make  in ('$search_string') ORDER BY `Make` ASC LIMIT 0 , 30 ";$result = mysql_query($q3);                      while($info = mysql_fetch_array($result)){ echo $info['Make'];  }echo "select * from `cars` where Make  in ({$search_string} ) was selected!\n"; 
    So the odd think is i cant get an echo results of it..
    so i echo a txt base line to see what the query is.
    i get
    (selected Acura and BMW)
    select * from `cars` where Make in ('Acura','BMW' ) was selected!
    So if i paste in phpmyadmin
    select * from `cars` where Make in ('Acura','BMW' )
    works perfect..
    so why does it not echo?(i just put Make to test for now)
  12. Hey guys i have an auto suggest form that i want to show 2 fields in the search box..



     echo '<ul>';while ($result = $query ->fetch_object()) {         echo '<li onClick="fill(\''.addslashes($result->Nom).'\');">'.$result->Nom-Prenom.'</li>';         }echo '</ul>'; 
    how can i set the results to look in 2 fields?   $result->Nom    i have tried  $result->Nom,Prenom    $result->Nom.Prenom....  


  13. hey guys i have this ajax autos suggest  form and it works but all the suggestions have the same link..




    // Query
    $q = @$_GET['q'];
    $ql = strlen($q);
    // Target mode
    $target = @$_GET['target'];
    // Limitation of suggestions
    $limit = "15";
    $results = array();
    $sql = "SELECT *
    FROM $Fiscale
    WHERE LEFT(Nom, $ql)='$q'
    ORDER BY `Nom`
    LIMIT $limit";
    $res = mysql_query($sql) or die (mysql_error());
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc ($res)) {
    $results[] =  $row["Nom"]."-".$row["Prenom"];
    $E_ID =  $row["N_Fiche"];
    if(!empty($results)) {
    echo "<ul>";
    $url = @str_ireplace("%s", urlencode($results[$i]), $_GET['E_ID']);
    echo "<li><a href='V.php?N_F=".$E_ID."' target='".$target."'>".str_ireplace($q, $q."<b>", $results[$i])."</b></br></a></li>";
    echo "</ul>";
    } }
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