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  1. yer i was thinking of using javascript but do not know if you can
  2. do you know of any tutorial i could refur to complete this task
  3. hi im not sure if this is a MySQL, PHP or other problem what im trying to achive is user clicks button -> after a time delay of days or hours -> update database with new data im trying to build a leveling up system thanks
  4. thanks for the awsome info guys. ("SELECT username, clan_tag FROM user_clans WHERE username=" . $session->username . "") the above mysql query gives me and Unknown column 'admin' in 'where clause' any ideas why i dunno if i can ask a question of topic if not let me no and ill post it some where else
  5. ok thanks is there a theard for the relation of tables becoz i cant get to grips with it or an example i have tried relating my tables but dunno if it has worked or not
  6. the login system of my site was a system that i download of the web it has a user id field but it looks more like a encryted id iv tried adding an id field but script dosent work with it ill try you solution later and let you knw the score
  7. i ran this CREATE TRIGGER ins_sum BEFORE INSERT ON users FOR EACH ROW BEGIN INSERT INTO res (username) values (username); END; $$ and now my registration script will not add the user to the database but reports no errors
  8. no i thought i had saved it but i havent could you post the syntax for a trigger
  9. i have tried triggers before but after setting one it stops the login script from working
  10. Hi I’m a novice php and MySQL developer trying to develop a game. The problem I’m having is i need to copy the username field to multiple tables when the users register so the rest of my app works so if anyone has an insight to how i might do this then plz reply or email me will supply code if needed thanks
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