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  1. open account in www.socialtwist.com and use widget and copy script to html page of your website.
  2. before save file on server and insert value in database, just change the file name, Search space and replace with underscore(_) sign.
  3. Integrate with Social media like facebook, orkut, twitter etc...
  4. I don't understand your requirement 100% but I tried. You should create three different forms, one for Country, State and City. in Country form, Name field is there in State form, select country first and then add state name in City form, first selct country, respected state as per country selection and then enter city details.
  5. hey, nice pic, very cute %20 because of while uploading a file, there is space "pics of-cute-girls.jpg" in file name So, space is converts to %20
  6. you can do with div, apply different background to both div
  7. Fow windows, you should xampp, please find at http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html#641 Download it and install it.
  8. I think, you should use any of WYSIWYG editor for this functionality.
  9. Where you assign the value of $idk
  10. for resize image read below link http://php.net/manual/en/function.imagecopyresampled.php
  11. you should take one more incremental column in user table, which is increase when username is matched. While check exist username after getting the result check the incremental number and add+1 and set new username and store new incremental number for that user.
  12. You should first save your result in one variable and then club then array with same COLUMN. Use below function function club_array($contents,$parent_id) { if(count($contents)>0) { $list = array(); $children = array(); foreach ($contents as $v ) { $pt = $v[$parent_id]; @$list = $children[$pt] ? $children[$pt] : array(); array_push( $list, $v ); $children[$pt] = $list; } $contents = $children; } return $contents; } club_array($result_arr,'module_id')
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