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  1. good night, wordpress is not allowing to edit the installation in the server... every change that i make in the admin panel... i save changes but they don't persist cheers!
  2. It is a forum site I created an account! I am just a simple user!
  3. I mean I don't see the SSL green status showing that there is a valid certificate!
  4. Is there anything to worry if I see no SSL warning in my browser's address bar when I am in the logging credentials form?
  5. What is the best place to sell microsoft product keys like Server 2012, Project, Office, Win 7/8????
  6. Well CDS/ISIS is a database developed and maintained by UNESCO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CDS_ISIS I have a database of books in a library but now suddenly I try to find terms and seems like the database is not working fine! It doesn't find any term I try to search with the search built in tool of WinISIS (CDS/ISIS for Windows). Yes it was working fine for months and it holds like 1700 registries. The registries are there; I can browse them sequentally up and down but I can not search any term!!! Hope you somebody can help me!
  7. I need help with this database system! Seems like there is corrupted data, is no finding any term when I search!!!!!! S.O.S.
  8. No! I have just tried linux live and just let me create a persistent file of 4GB for Lubuntu and the USB Drive is 8GB!!
  9. Is there any very large / huge project or website running in just PHP ....remember FB is C++ transpiled!! ? ?
  10. Hi guys!!! I am from Panamá. I would like to buy a tablet cause smartphones are too short ...I would like to read some developer and linux ebooks or tutorial; that's why I would like to get a tablet. Is there any tablet out there that you can install like at least maybe notepad++ or any good editor for javascript or php????????? Thanks you!
  11. what is the max size to assign for a usb stick to have persistent data??
  12. and this CALs have to be installed in the server or in each computer?? I am new to windows server!
  13. Dynadot rules! Regards from Panama!
  14. Can anybody correct me if I´m wrong please!! If I get Windows Server 2008 license I get 5 Client Access Linceses. This CALs are just to get access to the services in the server but I need to have all client computers with their own operative system?? Thanks!
  15. I have imported the sql file for an opencart installation in a website ....why can't i see the products but the default oc template?? do i have to copy the oc folders too?
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