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  1. I need help! www.tuimpuestoenlinea.com/wordpress/wp-admin kind regards!
  2. wp-admin not working ...it's just blank ...what happened and how to fix it ...the site it's working fine!
  3. thinkpad t61 lenovo ...yes connection between laptop and router not just browsing ...complete disconnected ...seems like the router was stuck ...I solved reseting it!
  4. I have dsl tp-link router from my telephone service provider but a wireless tp-link connected so that I can have wireless in my home. Sometimes my laptop gets disconnected from the wireless router and I have to wait hours to try and gain a wireless connection back. Any Idea? Cheers!
  5. Is there a long life battery for this Ace GT-S5830L? The battery is a crap!
  6. I already googled it but I found nothing.
  7. What is the meaning of cap led flashing and the computer is on ...but this happened while video off cause energy saving ...when I came back to home I tried run back with the pad or pressing any key but didn't work ...so kept start button pressed and start it again. Any comments, thanks for your comments!
  8. Sorry! I post a new thread ...where can I get that capacity the cheapest? Thanks! Sorry I did a mistake openning a new thread!
  9. Can you tell where to buy cheapest usb drive for 64 - 128 GB capacity? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for your comment! ...can you tell 64 - 128 GB capacity? Kind regards!
  11. Where can I get a cheap usb drive highest capacity online shop? Kind regards!
  12. Running BitDefender for Unices it's up to 90 centigrades and 3400 RPM ...how to know if this is the right speed for the CPU fan??
  13. It's weird! I turn it on ...ubuntu hibernation ...was hotter and low RPMs ...but now after reboot it's fine 54 centigrades and 3330 RPM ...back to normal. Sometimes after BIOS post ...not many times display black screen "fan error". It's a eBay refurbished one but that's the only issue ...everything else so far so good. Kind regards!
  14. How to know what's the right CPU fan speed for my Thinkpad T61 Lenovo?
  15. Can you list large sites build in PHP interpreted?
  16. Is facebook C++ not PHP runtime? I've read about HipHop.
  17. Can I ask if this full flash site it's loading O.K. for everyone else? www.inverlandpanama.com It is freezing in the loading swf file process sometimes and sometimes is working fine. Kind regards!
  18. Do I have to configure WP in order to see this log? Can you explain?
  19. I have wp-admin blank page after fixing plugins issue through phpmyadmin. I need help in this. Kind regards!
  20. Does anybody knows any media player for computer that plays audio o video files locally and in the same playlist play streamable internet content ...video o audio. Kind regards!
  21. Still not explaining the issue!
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