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  1. Hello

    I have a little problem that I am hoping someone can help me out with

    Here is what I am trying to do:


    I have build a form where a person can enter their information plus that form will have an autogenerated number in one of the fields (inside the database), then when they hit the submit button I want the information to be entered into the database and then move another another page.

    On the second page I would like to have the autogenerated number displayed, this way when the person is going to make a paypal payment it will show who it belongs to, this page will also have a paypal button to allow them to make a payment.

    Once the payment is made the owner will receive an email stating that such and such a person with this autogenerated number made a payment.

    The owner then can look up the persons information in the database and mark it as "paid"

    My problem is that I dont know how to setup the form so it will enter the information into the database and automatically on the next page populate the auto generated number.


    I am not sure if this is the best way to go about it or if I should consider using one of the shopping cards:

    osCommerce, ZenCart, Agora Cart, CubeCart, ShopSite.

    I want to make sure that the shopping card is free and it supports paypal.


    Thank you very much for any kind of help


  2. Hello

    I am trying to find out how I could do the following.

    I am building a form where data is being stored in MYSQL database (a PHP website) for every customer record, however the hard part in figuring this out for me is how could I add more parts if needed to the same record or at least a record that has the same customer_id.

    For example, if a customer has a record created and they are purchasing more then one part from me I would like to have a field "add more parts" and this will allow me to select additional part but I want to make sure it is stored in a table as part of the same record (I dont care if it will create multiple records in the table or if it will be stored in second field).

    Good example would be, if you log into any of your Webmails, and when you are creating a new email with an attachment, but you have more then one attachment, there is a link or a button that says "more attachments" and when you click on it, it creates new field for you.


    Purpose of this is so I can then do a data scrap weekly and have it bounced against my inventory table and give me a count of left over part count.


    Unless someone knows of some good PHP/MYSQL prebuilds for customer records creation and inventory control.


    Thank you

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