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Found 5 results

  1. hey guys im after a bit of information regarding user authentication please... now I have previously save a users session id in my database after they have logged in so when leaving and coming back to the site im able to compare session id's to get username etc...is this still the way or am I now a little old fashioned? a few more things...do I save information such as username, access level as a session or cookie?...and what is the best way to encrypt passwords please? thank you
  2. Hello! We've updated our forums to the latest version of IPB - which includes the following new features: Upgraded editor The editor has been updated to include better Code & Quote features as well as numerous performance updates. Topic Solved The topic solved feature was originally a home-brewed solution that we ran on PHP Freaks. Now, we're glad to say that IPB has this by default and we've enabled it on our forums. This is great because the following features are enabled: You can select an individual post to be the "Best answer" instead of generalizing the topic. This answer is then provided at the top of the topic. Clicking the "Solved" tag on the forum view will take you directly to the best answer. Forum views now include an option to view only (un)solved topics. Better Sharing You'll notice in the topics that there is a share icon next to the post number (at the top right of each post). You can now share individual posts via this. Many Backend changes There have been numerous changes what our staff can do, as well as updates for more spam prevention. Anything to help make our staffs' lives easier is a win in my book! In any case, with an update there is always a chance for an issue or two to pop up. Please let us know in this topic of any issues you might have spotted. We thank you for your patience and continued support!
  3. The PHP Freaks team would like to wish everyone a happy New Years, and welcome in 2013 with a bang! With this new year brings many changes to the main site & forums. We have a lot in the works: A new main site, completely redesigned from the ground up. An updated forum skin to match the new main site (integrated) A premium membership, with a job board, private forums and no ads New articles, tutorials and more! We'd love to get some input from you guys on what you'd like to see change around here. Have a great idea or like something from another site that you really like? Suggest it and help make 2013 a great year for PHP Freaks!
  4. I have a site for the Club I made, however I want to make it so that I can read the Session info, and then a certain Row for a user's page. I made their own personal webpages that get their information from the Session from MySQL. I want to try and see if all the information after a certain part will collect information from a different row. If that can't, is there a way it can be certain marks? I don't know how to explain it, but it is supposed to be that it keeps their username and other information that is requested on the site is active, but collects certain information from a row on the database. If you don't understand, go here: http://www.mcqtools.cu.cc/Club/member/ and login with test:test (username:password) then go to the 'Block' tab... I want their information to stay on the TOP of the page, like the user's name and all that, but the other information on the bottom of the block is from a certain row (userid=1) I don't know if I explained that right or not :/
  5. All - We have recently upgraded our forums to new software - IPB. PHP Freaks has been needing to grow and expand, which our previous software did not really allow us to do. We're excited to make the first steps of bringing in new features to our members and this conversion was definitely a giant leap in the right direction. Of course with change comes pains, but we've done our best to mitigate these. However, if you see anything wrong or have suggestions / complaints, we definitely would love your opinion to be heard. You'll also notice with the upgraded forums a new look. We're updating our branding and will be tweaking this over the next few weeks to make the new skin a bit more bearable. What else is in store for PHP Freaks? We're in the process of developing a brand-new main site with more features, upgraded branding (to match here) and most importantly - more content! Yup, more tutorials, articles, etc. will be coming in the next few months. Again, thank you for your patience as we fix any bugs! The PHP Freaks Team -- Other notes: If you have an iPhone, you can get a mobile app ($1.99) that allows you to get push notifications (for replies, PMs, etc.) We do not own the app, it is our software providers, however our forums will support this.
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