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Found 4 results

  1. hello I am looking for help on a sql problem. Not sure if I have a statement mixed up or not but the table simply won't render. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Database name = test I have two tables table 1 = parts table 2 = parts_pricing The main recordset name is RSparts Please see my current php code - $maxRows_RSparts = 10; $pageNum_RSparts = 0; if (isset($_GET['pageNum_RSparts'])) { $pageNum_RSparts = $_GET['pageNum_RSparts']; } $startRow_RSparts = $pageNum_RSparts * $maxRows_RSparts; $colname1_RSparts = "-1"; if (isset($_GET['figno'])) { $colname1_RSparts = $_GET['figno']; } $colname2_RSparts = "-1"; if (isset($_GET['modelno'])) { $colname2_RSparts = $_GET['modelno']; } mysql_select_db($database_test, $test); $query_RSparts = sprintf("SELECT * FROM parts INNER JOIN partspricing ON partspricing.sellingprice=parts.partID WHERE figno = %s AND modelno = %s ORDERBY ACS ", GetSQLValueString($colname1_RSparts, "text"),GetSQLValueString($colname2_RSparts, "text")); $query_limit_RSparts = sprintf("%s LIMIT %d, %d", $query_RSparts, $startRow_RSparts, $maxRows_RSparts); $RSparts = mysql_query($query_limit_RSRSparts, $test) or die(mysql_error()); $row_RSparts = mysql_fetch_assoc($RSparts; if (isset($_GET['totalRows_RSparts'])) { $totalRows_RSparts = $_GET['totalRows_RSparts']; } else { $all_RSparts = mysql_query($query_RSparts, $test); $totalRows_RSRSparts = mysql_num_rows($all_RSparts); } $totalPages_RSparts = ceil($totalRows_RSparts/$maxRows_RSparts)-1; Table setup; <table> <tr> <td>Key No.</td> <td>Part Number</td> <td>Description</td> <td>QTY</td> <td>S/N Break</td> <td>Availabilty</td> <td>Price</td> </tr> <?php do { ?> <tr> <td><?php echo $row_RSparts['keyno']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row_RSparts['partno']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row_RSparts['description']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row_RSparts['qty']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row_RSparts['snbreak']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row_RSparts['availability']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row_RSparts['sellingprice']; ?></td> </tr> <?php } while ($row_RSparts = mysql_fetch_assoc($RSparts)); ?> If I leave out parts INNER JOIN partspricing ON partspricing.sellingprice=parts.partID the table works and renders fine or if I leave out WHERE figno = %s AND modelno = %s ORDERBY ACS the table renders fine. I am missing something here. If I leave it as is the table will not render at all. Hopefully this is something simple any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am trying to get all the "posts" from a users friends list on their news feed. I'm trying to do so by getting all those posts where the user is the initiator_user_id and get all the posts from the friend_user_id then I want to get all the posts from initiator_user_id where the user's id is the friend_user_id. This is what I have that's messing up: $wallsql= $conn->prepare('SELECT * FROM activity f INNER JOIN wp_bp_friends n1 ON (n1.initiator_user_id=f.user_id) INNER JOIN wp_bp_friends n2 ON (n2.friend_user_id=f.user_id) WHERE (n1.friend_user_id=:userid) OR (n2.initiator_user_id=:userid) ORDER BY datetime DESC LIMIT 8'); $wallsql->bindParam(':userid', $_SESSION['uid']); $wallsql->execute(); Previously this works but it only gets the posts where the user is the initiator_user_id: $wallsql= $conn->prepare('SELECT * FROM activity f INNER JOIN wp_bp_friends n2 ON n2.friend_user_id=f.user_id WHERE n2.initiator_user_id=:userid ORDER BY datetime DESC LIMIT 8'); Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. I have been trying to figure this out for days but no luck so far. I have two tables which I want to pull info from and from what I read a join query is the way to go. I need to pull the info from the bank table based on the login id in the users table. I keep getting a black page result or a Data not Found result. Because this is the first time I have tried a join query I don't really know what I am doing. Is anyone able to give me some advice? <?php //if the login session does not exist therefore meaning the user is not logged in if(strcmp($_SESSION['uid'],"") == 0){ //display and error message header('Location: ../index.php'); }else{ //otherwise continue the page //this is out update script which should be used in each page to update the users online time $time = date('U')+50; $update = mysql_query("UPDATE `e-users` SET `Online` = '".$time."' WHERE `id` = '".$_SESSION['uid']."'"); ?> <?php //make sure you close the check if their online } ?> <?php require("../edb.php"); $result = mysql_query("SELECT AcctName, BSB1, BSB2, AccNumber, Adviser, Bank FROM a-bank JOIN e-users ON a-bank.Adviser = e-users.id; WHERE e-users.id = '".$_SESSION['uid']."'"); if (!$result) { die("Error: Data not found.."); } $AcctName=$test['AcctName']; ?>
  4. please help i have assignment to selecting tables by joining them.. how do i use join, or inner join? is there another option selecting 3 tables by using foreign key? Here's the table this one is user table here is article category and this is content of article i was willing to choosing article_news table = article_id, category_article_id, user_type_id, user_id, judul(title), artikel, photo, tag, tanggal tcategory_article = category_article_id, category_article tuser = user_type_id, firstname, lastname thank you
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