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Found 21 results

  1. Hi PHP freaks forum members I am new to this forum and thought I would introduce myself. I have joined this forum as I am doing a project in PHP which I havent coded in for a few years so while searching for answers, I came across this forum, I have heard of PHP Freaks but never signed up before. I am hoping to learn alot from the posts on here and if I have any questions I will post them. I look forward to networking with other PHP developers. Thanks for reading Chris
  2. bendavid


    Hi PHP Freaks Forum, I'm just beginning to work with PHP on some projects for work and on some personal projects. I just wanted to say "hi" - I'm interested in learning more! Best, Ben David
  3. Howdy folks, Looking forward to learning a lot from you guys and hopefully being able to give some of that back as my PHP skills increase. I'm not a complete newbie, but I still have a lot to learn. The forum post that caused me to sign up was made by 'this is not my name' (Jessica), a Guru. The reason it caught my attention was because it made a definite statement about what not to do AND offered an alternative method to achieve the same result. Wow...mature coders! I signed up minutes later - after I solved the issue 'myself' (shoulders of giants an' all that!) and gained an understanding of a process. Good to meet you all.
  4. Hello I'm new to this forum and looking forward to improve my learning with help of professional lives here I tried to learn php but never gained much skills , still much confused but never dropped it , still eager to learn php and website development, I hope this forum will help me in building my programming skills
  5. Hi all, Php and web development wannabe, started HTML in about 2006 for my ebay listings, CSS came shortly after but it wasn't until maybe 2009 when I used my first 'someone-else's-php-script' to implement a dynamic breadcrumb. Although I have trouble reading volumes of text, a lot of discussions on code draw me in. I end up taking in a lot but in a totally non-structured way. After lots of googling, reading and some more practice of putting 'other-people's-php' into action I found I understood that breadcrumb... Sort of. I merrily tore out over half the code and refactored using ternary operators - I can't see why people remove those to increase readability?? OFC I lost every hint of error management! Now I've heard of error management I try to envisage what might go wrong and print messages to screen if "something unexpected happened". So I've been bumbling along solving problems for specific tasks and asking a lot of questions - But I've never joined a php forum! Formulating a question that's not embarrassing to ask, usually ends with me answering my own question and when I do want to put something out there, I'd rather fill up Yahoo Answers (A few very good and very generous users on there!) with my gibberish than contaminate someone's proper, serious, scripting forum. So anyway, I had a question to ask earlier, YA seems to be running out of steam and I only half answered it myself so here I am... Hi!
  6. Hello, everyone! Like many others, I'm relatively new to PHP but I've had some past experience with other languages like C#. I'm pretty familiar with OOP principles however, I'm here to learn more! Currently I'm taking a class on PHP/MySQL programming and have found it to be somewhat challenging but quite rewarding. I look forward to discussion here and will absolutely appreciate the help along the way! Thanks!
  7. My name is Chad and I stumbled upon this forum from a search query and found very engaging threads; as a result I decided to join. I am looking to make friends and gain a mentor as I move forward developing applications. I am currently falling in love with OOP, exploring Code Igniter, Zend, Bonfire and Expression Engine. If anyone can reccomend more on xml feeds guides or walkthroughs using PHP's built in library; greatly appreciated. Little about me, I live in Jax, Florida, where it is sunny all the time. I own three Nissans and two of them have sr20s in them. One S15 and a GTI-R! I spend a lot of my time reading as much as I can on PHP and running twice a day. I have a good background with Marketing and I have a degree in Economics. I like to BBQ and I have a chocloate lab. Cheers :-)
  8. tinycrown


    Hello everyone! I'm obviously a new user here, but I figured since your website was such a good resource for me that I would join up and get to know some people! I'm working at a really lovely new job where I'm responsible for a whole lot of content creation and editing: I do a lot of writing, and while I'm pretty darned decent at html, I'm sorry to say that I don't feel I know as much php as I should to work as well as I'd like! It's a priority for me to learn the most that I can, not just for work, but because code is incredibly interesting to me--who wouldn't want to learn it? And as the only girl in my office, I also want to make sure I stay on my game and keep up with the boys (e.g. my bosses, haha)! It's nice to meet you all!
  9. Hello everyone!!! I have just started php programming a week and i am hoping to get a lot of help from this forum to enhance my skills. At first a first glance i found php very confusing but after looking through the forums and writing some scripts i have found it very interesting.I have never programed much in my carrier and am more of a network admin. I have done some visual basic programming and asp programs about 10 years back.but after all these years trying to start programing again i knew it will be tough. Yesterday i had did my first complex code on php with connecting to the mysql database and displaying those results in a drop down selection in html.though none of this code was written by me as i got it from the forums. Hoping that by having joined this website i will be able to boost up my skills as a php programmer and also understand how the code worked.And then be able to write my very own code. Thanks and Regards Keith
  10. venessa


    Hello, I'm quite a new php developer, with about one year of experience. Really looking forward to helping and getting help on this forum.
  11. Hello, I am a begining Web Developer learning HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL through the use of books and online media. I am a disabled vet looking to make use of these skills working from home. I have 15+ Technical and Systems Support experiance. My disabilities have forced a change and I am hoping to remain in the IT world, if only virtualy. I have two web sites I have made for customers to start my profile and hopefully build on. Hobbys are fishing, Dungeons & Dragons and Guild Wars (2). Thank you for your time.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm Zeeshan. currently working as Software Engineer @ Accenture India. PHP really grabs my attention and I love building apps to make life easier. Looking forward to solving problems, learning and getting issues resolved in this forum. Thanks. Best regards, Zeeshan.
  13. Hi everyone! My self Kaze Eventz; I am new here. I'm a professional event organizer and working in this field for many years.
  14. My name is Eric, I am getting into PHP for a business idea I have had and needed a group of folks to run ideas by so I can get some best practices. I have a masters in business management and a bachelors in fine art so I can help in question anyone may have in those areas. I started out in PHP working on an opensource project a couple years ago and learned my way around the language based on my knowledge of other languages I have learned over the years out of necessity.
  15. Hi all I am new to freaks. Help me to learn better.
  16. Hi, I am Alfredo and I am 11 years old. I really want to lean php and other web development things. But I get confused when I see there are so many things. Makes my head spin. Tried w3 school, lynda.com. But as you people know php and all other stuffs in web development are huge and too much elaborate. I need a clear guide line. One day I start one thing and next day another. Eventually I am learn nothing All I want to become a good web developer. Please suggest me what should I do. Which thing I should start 1st, like html etc. and from where (lynda.com ; w3school; for dummies book ; youtube) Please give me some advice beginning to end (to become good web developer) Please help me and thank you, Alfredo off the topic: How much time a day I should spend on learning if I want to become a web developer in a year? [i know this is a stupid question but would love to know]
  17. Just thought Id introduce myself. Speedshrew fom Merseyside, UK. Something of an ameteur when it comes to PHP, but always looking learn and help others. Speak soon!
  18. just signed up and checked this introduction thingy... well I am just a beginner at coding... facing some issues in creating a website so will use your help ... will be nice to share help with you all experts..
  19. Just joined the forum and I am new to PHP too. Started my on-line learning and I am here to solve the problems faced by me during this journey of PHP. Expecting the help and love of all my seniors and respected developers. My Self Mihir from India and I am a Student of Computer Science. Planning to start a Blog with WP and my Goal is to make a customized theme and some plugins by myself. This is what made me mad to learn PHP. Thank You Admin and other helpful members for a Nice Forum. Cheers Mihir
  20. Hi, I started developing php like 3 months ago, and seriously loving this language. Currently working on few project based on php.
  21. Hello! I have started withe php for two weaks ago, but have been programming i java and C# for many years now. I have made a website in php, html and css. Here it is: http://www.fingar.fksoft.net.
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