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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, right now, I am making a PHP page and I want to know how to make PHP detect what I call 'URL or domain extensions'. For example, if the URL is index.php?code=123 , The URL is 'index.php' and The extension is ?code=123 I want to get the '123' value from the 'code' prefix to a variable so I can use it for other things like #import 123 to variable 'code' echo "$code"; Please tell me how this happens. Thx. P.S. If my English is faulty please forgive me.
  2. Hi all, this is what I have at the moment. <?php //phpinfo(); class StaticMethodClass { private function samplePrint() { echo "This is a simple sample print!<br><br>"; } public static function callerFunction() { $this::samplePrint(); } } StaticMethodClass::callerFunction(); ?> Basically, I'd like to call samplePrint from a public static method, is there any way to go about this?
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