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  1. Hi All, how to display php table like attachment? it mean that, there is 2 members registered in November, but it have 0 member get approve. There is 3 members registered in December, and total have 5 members get approved (2 from November + 3 from December). Each Register and Approve have their individual dates. I get all my thing wrong as i can loop only by either Register date or Approved date. example. member1 ->Registered date : 21/11/2016 (Fall under November) ->Approved date : 2/12/2016 (Fall under December) member2 ->Register date : 23/11/201
  2. I have just begun dabbling with javascript as a hobby and have a very crude understanding of php so please bare with me, I am a noob! I am using a javascript onclick button to reference the function shown below. function deleteReply(fpid) { $.post("ajax_forumdelete.php", {'reply': fpid}, function (d) { }); location.reload(); } When the button is pressed and the function executes it does as it should. It deletes the forum reply post as its told and the page reloads and the post is gone! But without some sort of explanation, success message or something telling me that
  3. I have a form with a table with columns and many rows. The form uses Post and submits to an insert.php I am looking for an example of how I can insert the table info into a mysql table. I know I should use a while loop but unsure how to step through the form info. Can someone suggest or provide and example that I can follow, or a tutorial somewhere? Thanks
  4. Hey. Please help to solve the task Head John very busy lately. And it does not have time to plan the time of your employees manually. So he asked Jerry programmer to write a program that will calculate how much of a certain type of problems his department will be able to solve in the past month. John knows that to solve this type of problem he needs n employees, each of which will deal with a specific case and can not replace the other. Each of these employees will be engaged in the same task ai hours. Total monthly employee fulfills bi hours. Besides John have Jerry, which can be given to th
  5. If anyone could help, I'm not getting an error message and I've tried changing the code around a few times and outputting errors. The database does not update and i'm getting no error message output on submit, I assume i'm missing something? <?php session_start(); include_once 'dbconnect.php'; if (!isset($_SESSION['userSession'])) { header("Location: index.php"); } $query = $DBcon->query("SELECT * FROM tbl_users WHERE user_id=".$_SESSION['userSession']); $userRow=$query->fetch_array(); ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.o
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to share something with everyone. I hope this is helpful. This is basically a native solution to easily store PHP session data in a MySQL database. Session variables contain data that is saved for a specific user by associating the user with a unique identity. Typically, PHP would store session variables in a local file system on the server by default. While this may be acceptable to many people who are running small to moderate PHP applications, some larger applications that require load balancing would need to be run on multiple servers with a load balancer. In su
  7. Hi, simply put; I am having a very difficult time trying to find a way I can Match (partial?) strings, comparing to 2 arrays (the matches have different [Keys].) for example: $abs="Bob Rob Sue"; $abt="sometext Bob1:2 moretext Sue3:4 othertext Rob5:6 etc"; how can I put into code, when "Bob1:2" is used, it finds a match of "Bob", and assigns the complete string of "Bob1:2" ? The course I have been trying I get Bob, Rob, and Sue.. but the #numbers# are in the wrong place. ie; it will result with "Sue5:6" I understand its a [key] issue, using array_intersect along with some ex
  8. Observer not triggered and log file not created. app/etc/modules/Gta_KolupadiRestrict.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <config> <modules> <Gta_KolupadiRestrict> <active>true</active> <codepool>local</codepool> </Gta_KolupadiRestrict> </modules> </config> app/code/local/Gta/KolupadiRestrict/etc/config.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <modules> <Gta_KolupadiRestrict> <versi
  9. I built an application for a client of mine using PHPRunner about 3 years ago. It has functioned perfectly right up to today when they notified me that they were unable to Export any records. I have attached the error report that comes up when you run Export function. According to the report it is unable to find a file or path. I have been on to server with FTP client and all the paths, files and contents are present. Can anyone please give me any advise on what might suddenly cause this error after many years. All other functionality of the Database is fine. Many thanks,
  10. Hello everyone, I am trying to submit a comment in a comment box and send it to the DB but is not happening. The connection is good as I am logging in and all but no data is sent to the DB when I post the comment. It doesn't show in my comment section either. Form <!--comment section--> <?php if(isset($_SESSION['id'])) { echo "<form method='POST' action='" . setComments($conn) . "'> <input type='hidden' name='uidUsers' value='".$_SESSION['id']."'> <input type='hidden' name='posted' value='" . date('Y-m-d H:i:s') . "'>
  11. I am following the below module,https://www.webslesson.info/2018/04/...-ajax-php.htmlHow can i use without quantity [Product Name, Price, total, Action] i tried lot fail again and again. I am learning stage in PHP, any help pls welcome.
  12. <?php $a = array(-15, 3, 5, -1, -15); $b = array(1, 3, 5); function lowest_int ($c){ print_r(array_keys($c, min($c))); } print_r(lowest_int($a)); print_r(lowest_int($b)); ?> Hello guys the out of my code should be [0] => -15 [4] => -15 for the first array and [0] => 1 for the second array. However. this is my output: Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 4 ) Array ( [0] => 0 ) Any ideas what am doing wrong? Thank you so much in advance!
  13. Hello , i am facing issue in js and php, please help me, i have create one php file and put the <script>ex.ui{"name": "<?php echo for ( esc_attr ( get_option ( 'sclm ) ) ); ?>",}</script> like above script. But i want to put that script in js file. but when i am use that script in js file, then that php code creating problem. so how to get solve that issue. I want that script in js, and that php code will be fetch the value in js. so please help me about that. Thanks
  14. I am getting Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function real_query() on null with this code: public final function Retrieve($TABLE, $CRIT){ $_query = "SELECT * FROM `{$TABLE}` WHERE "; foreach($CRIT as $_field => $info){ $_query .= " `{$_field}` = `{$info}` &&"; } if($this->LINK->real_query(rtrim($_query, ' &'))){ return $this->LINK->store_result(); } else{ return json_encode(array("Error"=>$this->LINK->errno(), "Description"=>$this->LINK->error())); } } (LINK is my mysql_connect() result.) I have tried ev
  15. i was working on a mini project that imports csv file to the database through ajax and it's working fine <?php if(!empty($_FILES["marks_file"]["name"])) { $connect = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "", "dbname"); $output = ''; $allowed_ext = array("csv"); $extension = end(explode(".", $_FILES["marks_file"]["name"])); if(in_array($extension, $allowed_ext)) { $file_data = fopen($_FILES["marks_file"]["tmp_name"], 'r'); fgetcsv($file_data); while($row = fgetcsv($file_data)) { $name = mysqli_real_escape_string($connect, $row[0]);
  16. I have folder with 100's images, how to find Height and width as Excel sheet?
  17. hello everyone, I have a php form, everything works, I do not carry any header() at the end of the form because I have to stay on the same page and because I feel it wipes out the message you sent the form successfully, but for this though if reloading the page shows me the popup asking me to resend the form. how can i solve? I found a function in js with replacestate but I saw that it doesn't work with mobile Safari. if ( window.history.replaceState ) { window.history.replaceState( null, null, window.location.href ); }
  18. I need like, http://www.trackcourier.in/ The customer chooses selected courier service and enters tracking id then clicks its redirect to the appropriate courier service website. eg: If tracking id 12345 the redirect link should be https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/index.html?tracknumbers=12345&cntry_code=in How to do for India courier services?
  19. I have put together a method to reboot my SIP phones. I can use an array to feed the foreach and it works fine. Now I need to take a step or two further. I want to use the result of a query in the array. The next step would be to instead of having all the extensions in the array , to be able to select extensions from a form. But for now getting the initial array is what I am needing help with. //*****This doesn't work ******* //$phones = "SELECT extension FROM `extensions`IN(".implode(',',$array).")"; //******This works******** $phones = array(201,202,204); foreach ($phones as $ph
  20. Hi all, I currently have a table listed, with one of the rows being hyperlinked and linking to an input form, should be autopopulated from the code (ID or other unique identifier) of the row, however, when clicking the link the form does not load. I will insert relevant code to this thread and if anyone would be able to shed some light on this that would be great. NOTE: SQL code has already been tested using PHPMyAdmin and works fine. Although, it may need changed to help with this issue - I'm not quite sure. Please see screenshots for relevant code.
  21. Hi I have a table that is filled with values already and now i want to add another column associate_id How can i update the columns with a random number? What i have is giving all the columns same number thanks $associates_id = mt_rand(10000, 99999); $stmt = $pdo->prepare("UPDATE associates SET associates_id= $associates_id "); $stmt->execute(); $affected_rows = $stmt->rowCount(); if ($affected_rows){ echo "DONE"; }else{ echo "NOT DONE"; }
  22. I currently have an array that I've built that dumps like this: 0 => array:11 [▼ "category_code" => "123" "category_name" => "Testing" "category_description" => "This is a test category" 19738 => array:5 [▼ "identifier" => "720368842943" "description" => Test Description One "count" => 4 "details" => array:2 [▼ 0 => array:3 [▼ "detail_code" => "2751" "detail_code2" => "43" "detail_specifier" => "Detail One" ] 1 => array
  23. I have a php script that I've been running that seems to have been working but now I'm wondering if some of my logic is potentially off. I select records from a db table within a date range which I put into an array called ```$validCount``` If that array is not empty, that means I have valid records to update with my values, and if it's empty I just insert. The trick with the insert is that if the ```STORES``` is less than the ```Quantity``` then it only inserts as many as the ```STORES``` otherwise it inserts as many as ```Quantity```. So if a record being inserted with had
  24. hi i need that when i putt submit empty message will writen in each field if empty firstname write down firstname, thank you if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { function validate($key, $value) { $error = false; switch ($key) { case 'firstname': if (empty($value)) { $error = 'Putt Your Firstname'; } break; case 'lastname' : if (empty($value)) { $error = 'Putt Your Lastname'; } break; case 'email':
  25. Php Guys, Are you aware of any function or method where I can prevent downloads ? Imagine a page with a lot of links. Like: links to pages and links to imgs or links to downloads. Now, imagine I fetched that page with curl and the user is viewing the links present on the page. Q1a. Now, if I were to prevent any downloads from the download links. How would I do it ? Q1b -. Any php function that manages this prevention ? Q1b - If not, then any workarounds you can think of ? I'm thinking of str_replacing the download links so they no longer showup as download links but as something el
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