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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to customise some php code in a wordpress theme - the developer has left the planet and need to find a solution. This is the current code: <?php if ( $i < 3 ) { echo '<li class="margin_r"><div class="port_tn"><a href="'; echo the_permalink(); echo '" >'; echo the_post_thumbnail( array(40,40, true, "title" => "")); echo '</a> </div></li>'; $i= $i+"1"; } else { echo '<li class="no_margin"><div class="port_tn"><a href="'; echo the_permalink(); echo '" >'; echo the_post_thumbnail( array (40,40, true, "title" => "")); echo '</a> </div></li>'; $i = "0"; } ?> When the thumbnail is clicked it goes to the portfolio page. WHAT I WANT IT TO DO: I want it to open up the featured image of that portfolio post and open a pretty photo lightbox gallery instead. Skipping the single portfolio page. I then change the code to this code: <a href="<?php echo $image[0]; ?>" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio-gallery]">'; echo the_post_thumbnail( array (40,40, true, "title" => "")); echo '</a> this now does skip the portfolip page and opens the prettyphoto lightbox, but then says it cant find the image or the url is incorrect. Please could you assist in amending the code to make this work the url of the website is: http://www.hayleyclarke.co.za/website/
  2. All right, it's a little terrible that I need to ask for help on my PORTFOLIO. I have always been moderately good at coding, but design is not my strong suit. My websites ALWAYS come out looking terrible and amateur. I'm confident I'm plenty good enough to get some work done for ma' and pa' businesses done, but I still want to improve. No matter what I try, I cannot be satisfied aesthetically with my website. (HundleyDeveloping.com) I think I know what is bugging me, but not how to fix it. First of all, I think I may need to change the headers? Perhaps they are too styled? Second, I cannot get the layout of the text right. It just does not look right two columned like that, but on the other hand I don't think it would look good single columned either, because my content area is too wide. I could solve that problem by adding a sidebar, but I simply have nothing to put there. Lastly, the lack of graphics seems to bug me too. But, where the heck am I going to get graphics? Again the site is HundleyDeveloping.com Thanks in advanced guys, I really appreciate any help given.
  3. Hey guys. This is the portfolio I've been working on. While I'm a decent coder, I'm not that great at design. I can pick colors, etc, but when it comes to making an actual layout, it always comes out nice, but amateur looking. I think it could use a lot more content, but I just don't have anything else to say. On a side note, it's a portfolio, but I'm just starting out. My plan was to frame expandable pictures in the navigation bar, but I simply do not have any. Suggestions? Maybe make a few sites for free? Temporary URL: http://hundleyportfolio.bugs3.com/ Thanks in advanced!
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