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Found 7 results

  1. We are looking for great remote PHP developers to help our clients to ramp up and finish. Requirements: Strong English (able to communicate by voice very well) Strong experience with PHP development: LAMP Competent in SQL, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax. XML, etc. Nice to have: remote work experience, experience with WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or similar Candidate must pass our application process: online coding test (3 tasks, 90 mins), quick skype call to check your English (5-10 mins), our main technical interview and test project (screen sharing, coding tasks). What we have: Full-time or Part-time contract work. Toptal helps you connect with great companies to work on cool projects (we ahve a lot). We handle all the customer finding, customer billing side for you so that all you need to care about is doing great code. We also take away the worry of customers that won’t pay you as we guarantee your payment.How to apply: Please register and then send your answers for the following questions to Dmitry (by email dmitry@toptal.com or skype pavlovdmitry)Are you available for Full-Time (8h/day) or Part-Time (4h/day) projects with our clients? Do you have time over the next few weeks to qualify with us? (see the roadmap below, which might take 1-4 weeks). What is your hourly rate in US Dollars? How would you rate your verbal English on a scale from 1 to 5? What is your Skype ID? What are your primary (strong) skills: coding language/technologies/platforms? Please provide the details about your professional background. It could be all applicable: CV file in English, LinkedIn, GitHub, oDesk, StackOverflow, Your IT blog, open source projects you participate in, any other public profiles or links proving your professional background. Feel free to share any other notes you'd like us to know.
  2. Hi, I recently got a Raspberry Pi to accompany me in my noob adventures through the learning of PHP. However i was wondering wether it would be possible to set my raspberry pi up such that it could run 24/7 as a server which parses php that i have written on other devices. E.g. so that i could write a plain php document on a computer without php or apache installed and then send that document to the pi. The pi would then display the code on a webpage as it was intented to be seen. This would be useful as it would allow me to code in school and on other devices without having to go through the effort of installing apache +python (i would therefor also appreciate being able to put the documents on the pi without being connected to a local network, e.g. on holiday in another country). If it is indeed possible to do such a thing i would hugely appreciate advice/a guide as to how i could go about doing it! Kind regards Nub Nub Alex
  3. I am new to php (actually new to web programming). I do code in c++. I am writing a software that is to share the database with php page. My question is that can I connect to the custom database server(which i wrote in c++ instead of using mysql or something as such) that shares database with my application and that with php page too....suggestion and code snippet will be very useful....thanks in advance
  4. Hello I have two physically seperated server and i want to Read, Update and Insert into remote server's database. My connection code is working <?php $cn = mysql_connect("xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3306", "username", "password"); mysql_select_db("db_name", $cn); ?> however, when i try to retrieve data from remote server i got nothing to return. $sql = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM user_master WHERE user_id = '" .$name. "' AND user_pass = '" .$pass. "' LIMIT 1"); $row = mysql_fetch_array($sql); if(mysql_num_rows($sql) == 0) echo "wrong username or password"; else header("location: index.php"); What am i doing wrong ?
  5. Hi Everyone, I wanted to know if there is anyway to define classes and functions on one site and then have multiple other sites connect. I want to do this so that I can encrypt information on these other sites with a class that I have made on another site. I tried require but the remote script executes and then returns the result - it doesn't allow me to access or use the functions. If you have any ideas/suggestions/solutions I'm open to them but it looks like I'm going to need to reevaluate how I'm going to do this. Thanks for reading!
  6. I would like to develop a system that makes remote reading of the result of some search sites. These results are paginated and many sites use ajax to load pages. How can I accomplish this system with php? example of a site search page result: http://busca.submarino.com.br/busca.php?q=celular&sessao=4b712361eee996720660b5d6bde5dfc1f22066c9&idbusca=c9aeb969a4e7fb45bbbf152c85f1234cd768f5e7 As you can see at the bottom of the page, there is some javascript attached to the pagination link. Can anyone help with some idea? Thanks
  7. Hi... A scenario: A client has their own database. I don't know what what kind of database just yet. Waiting to hear back. But they want put a csv file or some kind of mysql dump file outside of their firewall every friday for us to use to populate a mysql database on a different server where their website is hosted - where we are building their website. Can this be done feasibly? How would we do this?
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