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Found 2 results

  1. I make my share of programming design blunders, as many of you know from helping me debug a few, so I am hesitant to point fingers, but I just had an experience so horrible, with so many errors on a website owned by Snapfish (which should have some programming resources) that I had to write it up.
  2. Hi, For a project I need to create a visual/graphical bin-packing algorithm program and I was planning to use Java with JavaFX to make it a normal GUI computer app - however, as I don't like Java that much and I have way more experience in PHP and jQuery, I was wondering if you guys think it would be possible to make this project as a website using PHP and jQuery because I haven't worked with PHP for a long time and I'm not sure if the appropriate tools are available to make something like this. Basically this is what I want to do: Ask user how many bins he wants and with what sizes + a set of numbers they would like to use to fill the bins with Draw/show the bins on one side of the page and the numbers on the other side Have the ability to drag numbers into any bin Once the bin is full, it gets filled with a red background The ability to write the bin-packing algorithm itself in PHP and have a button that can do it all for the user automatically Do you think something similar to this would be possible at all as a website or would I be better off using JavaFX to create an application? Please note that this is just a whole concept I had in mind, so I wasn't assuming what's actually doable and what's not within the time frame I got (until the first week of May). I would really appreciate any thoughts on this Thanks!
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