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Found 3 results

  1. I am learning to build a shopping cart script. When a new item is added to the cart that already has the new item added, rather than use array_splice to update the existing cart quanties, I want to do the following: Check if the item already exists in the cart, provide feedback to the user that, he has already added that item to cart. Use array_unique to eliminate the duplicate item. So far, my use of array_unique in my cart.php script below is not working, with regard to providing user feedback. Note: I have executed array_splice() to be sure the item quantity is increased before attempting to use array_unique to remove the duplicate item. I will appreciate any help in resolving this. CART.PHP if (isset($_POST['pid'])) { $pid = $_POST['pid']; $wasFound = false; $i = 0; // If the cart session variable is not set or cart array is empty if (!isset($_SESSION["cart_array"]) || count($_SESSION["cart_array"]) < 1) { // RUN IF THE CART IS EMPTY OR NOT SET $_SESSION["cart_array"] = array(0 => array("item_id" => $pid, "quantity" => 1)); } else { // RUN IF THE CART HAS AT LEAST ONE ITEM IN IT foreach ($_SESSION["cart_array"] as $each_item) { $i++; while (list($key, $value) = each($each_item)) { if ($key == "item_id" && $value == $pid) { // That item is in cart already so let's prevent its addition using array_unique() array_splice($_SESSION["cart_array"], $i-1, 1, array(array("item_id" => $pid, "quantity" => $each_item['quantity'] + 1))); $wasFound = true; echo 'item already in cart'; array_unique($_SESSION["cart_array"]); } // close if condition } // close while loop } // close foreach loop if ($wasFound == false) { array_push($_SESSION["cart_array"], array("item_id" => $pid, "quantity" => 1)); } } header("location: cart.php"); exit(); }
  2. I am importing a text/csv file and instead of importing all of the 'columns' (there are 15 columns on each line), I would like to import column number 1, 4, 15. I have the following code that will import the whole file into an array which works fine but i don't want the whole file in the array becuase I also need to do something like array_unique() where i filter out any duplicates once I have my 3 columns imported into an array. My question is: 1. How do i import the file to only read in the columns i want 2. Once I have all the data into an array , how do i get all the unique rows (so in theory the array size could be halved) Any help greatly appreciated # Open the File. if (($handle = fopen($files, "r")) !== FALSE) { # Set the parent multidimensional array key to 0. $nn = 0; while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, "|")) !== FALSE) { # Count the total keys in the row. $c = count($data); # Populate the multidimensional array. for ($x=0;$x<$c;$x++) { $csvarray[$nn][$x] = $data[$x]; } $nn++; } # Close the File. fclose($handle); //rename('imports/' . $files, 'archived/' . $files); }
  3. Hi phpfreak-ers, $BigArray[] = array('url' => 'www.example.com', 'referer' => 'refer1'); $BigArray[] = array('url' => 'www.demo.com', 'referer' => 'refer1'); $SmallArray[] = array('url' => 'www.example.com', 'referer' => 'refer2'); Basically I want to compare the two example arrays (above) and if a duplicate 'url' is found then I'd like to merge the 'referer' values in $BigArray otherwise add as an additional record. So I should be left with: Not syntax just used to explain my objective $BigArray url='www.example.com', 'referer' = 'refer1refer2'. $BigArray url='www.demo.com', 'referer' = 'refer1'. I've tried a day and a half worth of approaches and can't get it working. Thanks for your help in advance! Matt
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