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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Guys, I have a set of script to send data via checkbox toggle. After a checkbox is checked. A value is sent from PHP as 1. So I test the value within success callback. Everythings works fine but I can't make the background color change according to the given value from php. Please have give me a hand. <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(function($){ $('input[name=alm]').click(function(){ var id=$(this).attr('id'); var alm=$(this).val(); $.ajax({ type:'GET', url:'inc/villas_allotment_ajax_update.php', data:'id='+id+'&alm='+alm, /*success: function (result) {$('#bg').css("background-color", "#66cc00");alert(data);}, error: function (result) {$('#bg').css("background-color", "#ff8080");},*/ success: function(html) { if(html=="1"){//change td bg to green if succeed $('#bg').css("background-color", "#66cc00"); alert(html); }else{ $('#bg').css("background-color", "#ff8080"); alert(html); } } }); }); }); </script> Here's my html: <table> [indent=1]<tr>[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-01-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-01-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-02-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-02-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-03-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-03-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=2]...[/indent] [indent=2]<td id="2012-11-30-001" align="center"><input type="checkbox" id="2012-11-30-001" name="alm" value="1" checked /></td>[/indent] [indent=1]</tr>[/indent] </table> The questions is: How can I change the td background-color after a callback is proved (html=="1") according to its td.id (not #bg as I wrote) Please help me out, I've spent many hours to solve this including some samples from this website.
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