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Found 2 results

  1. This Look Is A Caring Look, We Are A Caring Company! As a web design, web development and software development company that care about your business and we are always on the lookout for people to give a helping hand. Our hand is extended to any business be this just for some simple advice, using our time to complete tasks for you that will help solve your problems and ambitions, or a mix of both! About Our Web Design And Development Company Tell Us What You Need The intention of this post is because we are interested in what your thoughts and issues are in relation to your online business.Do you have a website or a piece of software that you think could do with some features to make running your business simpler? Are you trying to build an online program yourself but are lost and need a professional help? Whatever the issue we would love to hear it. Building Trusting and Lasting Relationships We believe that helping is the most important aspect of a successful relationship in web development and are willing to help complete tasks that suit your budget, or even give free consultations that help your business succeed online. Open And Honest We like to be completely open and totally honest and like to helping you learn from our development expertise in the hope that it could one day help you develop your own extensions to your online business, while in the mean time removing the stress from your shoulders! So lets hear about your business, lets hear about developments you are stuck with, and lets have a look at what we can do to help. Looking forward to your replies!
  2. Hi all, I need a PHP genious to be my business partner in exchange of 40% of my business. About Me I am a graphic/web designer and SEO guru. I work full time in a UK design firm. For two years I did all the SEO or one of the UK's biggest mobile phone networks. I am a very competent SEO and have great knowlege of branding and online marketing. I spend at least one day a week (usually Sunday) building my online business. About My Business I currently operate just one online venture: www.comparisim.com which is the backbone of my company so far. The site has only launched properly about 2 months ago and since generated about £150 in comission last month alone and has got over 2000 visitors. The site has the potential to generate a lot more traffic and convert a higher percentage of its traffic into commision. Before the site launched I designed, branded, SEOed and paid for the sites development. i have invested about 1.5K getting to this stage + more hours than I can count. Why I Need You? the problem with comparisim.com is it relies on data feeds for the deals to update. There are currently 6 data feeds in use - one for each provider. When providers change the format of the feeds the deals dont update which prevents users from making transactions. Currently I have to wait weeks or even months for my developer to get around to it. This is not good for business and it damages the comparisim brand. Every now and then other programming issues crop up like i find bugs, browser updates break things, I need a new provider added etc. Other times I come up with tweaks and modifications. For example I hope to get a mobile site soon. So for all these things I need some one who knows what their doing and who can respond quickly. By having some who deals with fixing feeds and other programming issues quickly and independantly of my input, i will be free to do SEO link building, improve the content What I Need From You: quick response time for broken feeds (24-48 hours) You should have dedication and drive. someone who can share my vision for making the UKs best SIM only comparison site and is willing to go the extra mile to improve the site. I need a developer who can show attention to detail and look for problems and find solutions. You need to be a nice person Ability to communitcate clearly and openly (in English) via email. You should take the inititive to check the feeds on a weekly basis or write a script to do that for you and respond to issues with a effective solution. I need you to be honest, trustworthy and fair Most of all I need you to be in it to win it and not give up untill we have success. If you're interested please contact me on fionmccormack[a]gmail.com or post a comment below if you have any questions
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