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Found 6 results

  1. I currently have a fulltext search that works. It matches against a item title column in mysql database. Now I would like to include another column to match against. How can that be done properly? Here's my code. Where it says MATCH, I would like to include the type_1 column as well; like this(type_1.type_1_name). $get_records = $db->prepare("SELECT items.*, type_1.* FROM items LEFT JOIN type_1 ON items.type_1 = type_1.type_1_id WHERE MATCH(items.item_title) AGAINST('$search_query' IN BOOLEAN MODE) ORDER BY items.item_id DESC LIMIT {$limit} OFFSET ".$offset); $get_records->execute(); $result_records = $get_records->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if(count($result_records) > 0){ foreach($result_records as $row) { // get results } }
  2. I have an existing two table structure where sub-data is related to main data in a many-to-one relationship. There are several identically named columns in both tables. (The PHP database class will return an associative array that did not deal with identical keys in the row.) I'm LEFT JOINing the sub-data to the main-data tables. When using a stand-alone query browser (to experiment), the display shows all columns, even those column names that appear more than once in the row. Is there a general approach to making keys (column names) unique strictly using a MySQL SELECT statement? Perhaps using table aliases, how can I concat the alias to the columns that come from each table? What I am trying to avoid is giving an alias to each column in a list of column names, such as: SELECT C.name AS C_name C.numb AS C_numb D.name AS D_name D.numb AS D_numb etc. I am wanting more like the result one could guess would be from: C.* AS C_* D.* AS D_* Or better: * AS CONCAT(__TABLE__, '_', *) if __TABLE was a magic constant (like PHP's __LINE__, __FILE__, etc).
  3. I am building admin control panel for a website. The admin cp has 3 columns(div): 1st column/div - left menu items (left column) 2nd column/div - content display area (which is in center) 3rd column/div - right menu items (right column) This is how it works; when a link is clicked from 1st column/div, the page linked will be opened in the 2nd column/div and in the similar way when a link is clicked from 3rd column/div, the page linked will be opened in the 2nd column/div. I used iframe in 2nd column/div to achieve this i.e, open links in the same page without refreshing the page. The problem I have: When the page opened in 2nd column/div has the height greater than the height mentioned in the iframe, scroll bar appears inside the div. What I want: I want to display the linked page either from 1st column/div or 3rd column/div in 2nd column/div with its full height without the scroll bar appearing inside the div. The browser window (all columns combined) should get the scroll bar instead, using which I shall be able to scroll down. The left and right columns/div should go upwards/downwards when I use the scroll bar displaying the page linked/opened totally in 2nd column/div. ****In simple I want a facebook like design which should have menu items on either side of the browser window, clicking the links should open the page linked in center and if the linked page has more data that cannot be displayed in that div, it should expand the center div downwards to display the data (not dynamically, statically).**** Please get me this solved or suggest me another way to achieve this. Thanks in advance. admin.php styles.css view.php
  4. Hello this error is my problem. help me please $query = "SELECT * FROM car WHERE owner = ".$_POST['owner']."";
  5. Hey all, I have a two column webpage. I would like to make my left column equal the height of the right column. The left column contains my navigation and future advertisements. My right column is my content. I would like to learn how to match the column height of the left column to that of the right column so I can add some Jquery and make the navigation/ad scroll with the user. How can this be achieved? The page is: http://cronanpilotcar.byethost33.com/page/states
  6. mySQL version:5.5.24 I need help with the column type ENUM. What I want to happen is for this column to get either yes or no values. I think ENUM is used specifically for this but i dont know how to set up the column for this to work. I tried to just select ENUM as the type and leave everything else blank but when I save it gives me the error "This is not a number". I have other columns, but im almost sure the error is coming from the ENUM column. Please help.
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