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Found 7 results

  1. Len M. Kaiser Web Design is a freelance custom web design firm specializing in web design & development including forums, shopping carts, content management systems, & blogs skins and maintenance. I follow the Wc3 standards for coding and make sure that the sites & skins I create are 100% XHTML compliant. I also create complete 100% table less designs for a web site and some skin depending upon the template structure that is already built in. Len M. Kaiser Web Design is an affordable North Charleston, SC based freelance web design firm that also serves clients all over the world. I specialize in web design, development, maintenance, & custom vBulletin related services such as vBulletin 3 & 4 styles (skins), installs, template coding, upgrades & maintenance. I have 8 years of experience in the freelance web design business & 15 years experience working with vBulletin forums and offer a hands on, individual approach with each and every client. I offer totally unique designs for your web site, forum, CMS, blog or e-Commerce site. I also have experience in various other PHP scripts such as XenForo, Wordpress, Joomla, OSCommerce, CubeCart, phpBB, Drupal, Magento, X-Cart and more! Check out My Services for a more in depth listing of what I can do for you and your business or hobby site. I offer free quotes for potential clients. Services I offer: 1. Custom web design & development 2. Custom forum skins such as vBulletin, XenForo, phpBB, MyBB, etc 3. Custom E-Commerce skins such as OSCommerce, X-Cart, Magento, CubeCart, ZenCart etc. 4. Custom CMS skins such as Joomla, Drupal, iScripts SocialWare etc. 5. Custom Blog skins such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger etc. 6. Web site Maintenance including backups, web site moves, some hosting setups etc. 7. Installations & upgrades of any PHP script, plugin, component or software. Thanks, Len M. Kaiser http://lenmakiser.com
  2. Hello, I am working on creating an XML document. I am trying to accomplish following format, but the code I wrote is giving me different result. I need some help on which type of loop I can use, so I can store all the Env in one element as a attribute. Output I am trying to accomplish this: <Applications> <App AppName="NotePad++"> <Env Prod="server1,server2" DEV="devserver1,devserver2" /> </App> <App AppName="7Zip"> <Env Prod="server3,server4" DEV="devserver3,devserver4" /> </App> </Applications> But, I am getting this: <?xml version="1.0" ?> <Applications> <App AppName="NotePad++"> <Env Prod="server1" /> </App> <App AppName="NotePad++"> <Env Prod="server2" /> </App> <App AppName="NotePad++"> <Env DEV="devserver1" /> </App> <App AppName="NotePad++"> <Env DEV="devserver2" /> </App> <App AppName="7Zip"> <Env Prod="server3" /> </App> <App AppName="7Zip"> <Env Prod="server4" /> </App> <App AppName="7Zip"> <Env DEV="devserver3" /> </App> <App AppName="7Zip"> <Env DEV="devserver4" /> </App> </Applications> Here is the code I wrote: Foreach ($application as $app) { Foreach ($serverlist as $serverenv) { if ($serverenv['appid'] == $app['id']) { $appchild = $doc->createElement( "App" ); $appattr = $main->appendChild($appchild); $appattr->setAttribute("AppName", $app['appname']); $envchild = $doc->createElement("Env"); $envattr = $appchild->appendChild($envchild); $envattr->setAttribute($serverenv['Environment'], $serverenv['servername']); } } } echo $doc->saveXML();
  3. Hello, I am trying to generate XML file and print the xml value in the browser. I am having had time create child element and adding attribute inside the child element. Structure I am trying to create is: <applications> <app appname="Notepad++" /> </applications> Here is the code I'm trying to accomplish the above format: $doc = new DOMDocument("1.0"); $doc->formatOutput = true; $main = $doc->createElement("Applications"); $doc->appendChild( $main); $child = $doc->createElement( "app" ); $attr = $doc->appendChild($child); $attr->setAttribute("AppName", "NotePad++"); echo $doc->saveXML(); I am not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I get below error when I browse the php page: The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. Only one top level element is allowed in an XML document. Error processing resource 'http://localhost/servers/xmldoc.php'. ... <app AppName="NotePad++"/>-^
  4. Hi guys, I am the founder of CareerAnna, which can be found at http://www.careeranna.com. We are a startup that came into existence in May 2013. We have grown a lot and have now come to the level when our amateur designing & development skills are proving too little for the website. We need a PHP coder, preferably from India (being from India ourselves) but people from other countries are just as welcome. We would like our website to be a place where people can come to give quizzes that we provide. We would also be providing mocks, tests, etc. and hence, we need a solid test engine that looks good and professional and is easy to build quizzes on. We like the way Testfunda.com 's quizzes work. If possible, kindly take a look at the same. If you can build something like that, we would like to work with you. Feel free to contact in case of any questions. Thanks, Roshan Jha, Founder, CareerAnna.com
  5. Hello there, I'm Allen Hundley and I would love for you to be my next client. I love web development and design. It's my dream job and I strive to give my clients exactly what they want for the lowest price I can manage. When it comes to business I'm an old-fashioned kind of guy, and I think that when you pay for a product, be it a website or something else entirely, you deserve to get exactly what you pay for the way you want it. I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and I can hold my own in GIMP and Photoshop. You can check out my portfolio at http://hundleydeveloping.com, or shoot me an e-mail at http://hundleydeveloping.com/contact/ . I'm looking forward to serving you.
  6. Hi friends my name is Samee ullah Feroz (Sam) I am business analyst. but now I am going to take turn towards PHP development. Wish me luck that I can give full concentration towards it. and I'll take your help. thanks
  7. Hi, we've just launched our official website for web development and internet marketing. I will like to have feedback (good or bad), most specifically on : a. What do you think about the design ? b. Do you like the content ? c. As we are an organization and we try to drive customers to grow their business, is it possible to attract them by this site and our portfolio ? d. other Any recommendation ? Thanks
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