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Found 7 results

  1. I have folder with 100's images, how to find Height and width as Excel sheet?
  2. I currently have an array that I've built that dumps like this: 0 => array:11 [▼ "category_code" => "123" "category_name" => "Testing" "category_description" => "This is a test category" 19738 => array:5 [▼ "identifier" => "720368842943" "description" => Test Description One "count" => 4 "details" => array:2 [▼ 0 => array:3 [▼ "detail_code" => "2751" "detail_code2" => "43" "detail_specifier" => "Detail One" ] 1 => array:3 [▼ "detail_code" => "2681" "detail_code2" => "9" "detail_specifier" => "Detail Two" ] ] "prices" => array:1 [▼ "01" => "1129.00" ] ] 19739 => array:5 [▼ "identifier" => "720368844121" "description" => "Test Description Two" "count" => 4 "details" => array:2 [▼ 0 => array:3 [▼ "detail_code" => "2751" "detail_code2" => "43" "detail_specifier" => "Detail One" ] 1 => array:3 [▼ "detail_code" => "2681" "detail_code2" => "9" "detail_specifier" => "Detail Two" ] ] "prices" => array:1 [▼ "01" => "1490.00" ] ] I'm using laravel excel in order to export that as an excel file, but it's not quite working the way I intend When it exports to excel I only get the top level info: 123 | Testing | This is a test category But I want to get that info as a header and then each subsequent product for that category as a row, so with the example above it would look like: 123 | Testing | This is a test category ==================================================================================================================== 19738 | 720368842943 | Test Description One | 4 | 2751 | 43 | Detail One | 2681 | 9 | Detail Two | 1129.00 19739 | 720368844121 | Test Description Two | 4 | 2751 | 43 | Detail One | 2681 | 9 | Detail Two | 1490.00 Here's the excel code with the array I'm using, which is dumped above: $allCategoryResult= array(); foreach($prices->categories as $category){ $categoryItem = array(); $categoryItem["category_code"] = $category->category_code; $categoryItem["category_name"] = $category->category_name; $categoryItem["category_desc"] = $category->category_desc; foreach($category->skus as $sku){ $skuItem = array(); $skuItem["identifier"] = $sku->sku_info->identifier; $skuItem["description"] = $sku->sku_info->item->description; $skuItem["count"] = $sku->sku_info->item->item_type->count; $skuItem["details"] = array(); foreach ($sku->sku_info->details as $details) { $detailsItem = array(); $detailsItem["detail_code"] = $details->detail_code; $detailsItem["detail_code2"] = $details->detail_code2; $detailsItem["detail_specifier"] = $details->detail_specifier; $skuItem["details"][] = $detailsItem; } $skuItem["prices"] = get_object_vars($sku->prices); $itemCode = $sku->sku_info->item->item_code; $categoryItem[$itemCode] = $skuItem; } $allCategoryResult[] = $categoryItem; } $name = 'Test Export'; $build = Excel::create($name, function ($excel) use ($allCategoryResult) { $excel->setTitle('Test Export'); $excel->sheet('Test Export', function ($sheet) use ($allCategoryResult) { $sheet->fromArray($allCategoryResult);
  3. Dear Forum Members, I'm trying to create a snippet of PHP code which can select a specific number of rows from a Database table (Database "formulier", "tables under invoer"), and output this data into a .cvs file. The script: export.php This script will be running on a website, where after people click on a button and submit a client-specfic ID and Last Name, they get a .csv to download for administrative use. Needless to say, I want the script to generate a .csv file with all entries (different dates of entries, total 23 variables) of one ID-number from the database. I've started to work on this, and whilst it works for the larger part, I'm really stuck at the moment. I hope that some of you can shed some light on the issue. Attached are the scripts I'm currently running. formulier.htmlinsert.php Please note that they're definetly not final, and still insecure. That's not the issue right now. Kind regards,
  4. I have a form where user uploads file i.e. Excel Sheet The data read from sheet is to be store in mysql database. The headers location is not fixed. So I need to search the header with the mysql table column name. Records below header are to be inserted into database. How can I search teh header row in Excel using cakephp
  5. I have generated HTML table from Mysql data using PHP. I want to export this table to Excel. I have 'googled' a lot but not satisfied with it.
  6. I am sorry, If I am asking a basic question.. I am working for a project where I need to give a upload and submit option for client. In that client will browse the local path and selects required "EXCEL" file and if they click to submit, then the content should be displayed in the webpage.. these are few codes I went through, but I thought I am not in the right way.. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> PHP File Upload Script </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <?php if( isset($_POST['submit1'])) { // $_FILES is the array auto filled when you upload a file and submit a form. $userfile_name = $_FILES['file1']['name']; // file name $userfile_tmp = $_FILES['file1']['tmp_name']; // actual location $userfile_size = $_FILES['file1']['size']; // file size $userfile_type = $_FILES['file1']['type']; // mime type of file sent by browser. PHP doesn't check it. $userfile_error = $_FILES['file1']['error']; // any error!. get from here // Content uploading. $file_data = ''; if ( !empty($userfile_tmp)) { // We encode the data just to make it more database friendly $file_data = base64_encode(@fread(fopen($userfile_tmp, 'r'), filesize($userfile_tmp))); } switch (true) { // Check error if any case ($userfile_error == UPLOAD_ERR_NO_FILE): case empty($file_data): echo 'You must select a document to upload before you can save this page.'; exit; break; case ($userfile_error == UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE): case ($userfile_error == UPLOAD_ERR_FORM_SIZE): echo 'The document you have attempted to upload is too large.'; break; case ($userfile_error == UPLOAD_ERR_PARTIAL): echo 'An error occured while trying to recieve the file. Please try again.'; break; } if( !empty($userfile_tmp)) { // only MS office and text file is accepted. if( !(($userfile_type=="application/msword") || ($userfile_type=="text/plain") || ($userfile_type=="application/vnd.ms-excel")) ) {echo 'Your File Type is:'. $userfile_type; echo '<br>File type must be text(.txt) or msword(.doc).'; exit; } } echo filesize($userfile_tmp); } echo ?> <form name="profile" method="POST" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>" target="_self" enctype="multipart/form-data" > <P align ="center"><input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="1000000"> <input type="file" name="file1" value="AttachFile" device="files" accept="text/*" tabindex=18 > <input type="submit" name="submit1" value="Submit" /> </P> </form> </BODY> </HTML> from the above code I am getting only file size.. This code will displays the content of excel file but it is a hard coded one, but I need client should select that file and content get displayed in the webpage itself... <?php error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); require_once 'excel_reader2.php'; $data = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader("test.xls"); php echo $data->dump(true,true); ?> Thanks in advance...
  7. I am trying to help my mom with her site and we came across a problem with a Excel Page. My mom had information in a Excel document then clicked somewhere in Excel to make it into a webpage. It made it into a .htm page and when I go to add php to it for the layout it doesn't work - It just shows the layout then and no info. Here is the page coding (Internments.htm): <?php $pagetitle = "Saint Michaels Cemetery"; include("../layout/header.php"); ECHO <<<END <html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" xmlns:x="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40"> <head> <meta name="Excel Workbook Frameset"> <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=us-ascii"> <meta name=ProgId content=Excel.Sheet> <meta name=Generator content="Microsoft Excel 12"> <link rel=File-List href="Internments_files/filelist.xml"> <![if !supportTabStrip]> <link id="shLink" href="Internments_files/sheet001.htm"> <link id="shLink" href="Internments_files/sheet002.htm"> <link id="shLink" href="Internments_files/sheet003.htm"> <link id="shLink"> <script language="Javascript"> <!-- var c_lTabs=3; var c_rgszSh=new Array(c_lTabs); c_rgszSh[0] = "Sheet1"; c_rgszSh[1] = "Sheet2"; c_rgszSh[2] = "Sheet3"; var c_rgszClr=new Array(; c_rgszClr[0]="window"; c_rgszClr[1]="buttonface"; c_rgszClr[2]="windowframe"; c_rgszClr[3]="windowtext"; c_rgszClr[4]="threedlightshadow"; c_rgszClr[5]="threedhighlight"; c_rgszClr[6]="threeddarkshadow"; c_rgszClr[7]="threedshadow"; var g_iShCur; var g_rglTabX=new Array(c_lTabs); function fnGetIEVer() { var ua=window.navigator.userAgent var msie=ua.indexOf("MSIE") if (msie>0 && window.navigator.platform=="Win32") return parseInt(ua.substring(msie+5,ua.indexOf(".", msie))); else return 0; } function fnBuildFrameset() { var szHTML="<frameset rows=\"*,18\" border=0 width=0 frameborder=no framespacing=0>"+ "<frame src=\""+document.all.item("shLink")[0].href+"\" name=\"frSheet\" noresize>"+ "<frameset cols=\"54,*\" border=0 width=0 frameborder=no framespacing=0>"+ "<frame src=\"\" name=\"frScroll\" marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 scrolling=no>"+ "<frame src=\"\" name=\"frTabs\" marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 scrolling=no>"+ "</frameset></frameset><plaintext>"; with (document) { open("text/html","replace"); write(szHTML); close(); } fnBuildTabStrip(); } function fnBuildTabStrip() { var szHTML= "<html><head><style>.clScroll {font:8pt Courier New;color:"+c_rgszClr[6]+";cursor:default;line-height:10pt;}"+ ".clScroll2 {font:10pt Arial;color:"+c_rgszClr[6]+";cursor:default;line-height:11pt;}</style></head>"+ "<body onclick=\"event.returnValue=false;\" ondragstart=\"event.returnValue=false;\" onselectstart=\"event.returnValue=false;\" bgcolor="+c_rgszClr[4]+" topmargin=0 leftmargin=0><table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=100%>"+ "<tr><td colspan=6 height=1 bgcolor="+c_rgszClr[2]+"></td></tr>"+ "<tr><td style=\"font:1pt\"> <td>"+ "<td valign=top id=tdScroll class=\"clScroll\" onclick=\"parent.fnFastScrollTabs(0);\" onmouseover=\"parent.fnMouseOverScroll(0);\" onmouseout=\"parent.fnMouseOutScroll(0);\"><a>«</a></td>"+ "<td valign=top id=tdScroll class=\"clScroll2\" onclick=\"parent.fnScrollTabs(0);\" ondblclick=\"parent.fnScrollTabs(0);\" onmouseover=\"parent.fnMouseOverScroll(1);\" onmouseout=\"parent.fnMouseOutScroll(1);\"><a>&lt</a></td>"+ "<td valign=top id=tdScroll class=\"clScroll2\" onclick=\"parent.fnScrollTabs(1);\" ondblclick=\"parent.fnScrollTabs(1);\" onmouseover=\"parent.fnMouseOverScroll(2);\" onmouseout=\"parent.fnMouseOutScroll(2);\"><a>&gt</a></td>"+ "<td valign=top id=tdScroll class=\"clScroll\" onclick=\"parent.fnFastScrollTabs(1);\" onmouseover=\"parent.fnMouseOverScroll(3);\" onmouseout=\"parent.fnMouseOutScroll(3);\"><a>»</a></td>"+ "<td style=\"font:1pt\"> <td></tr></table></body></html>"; with (frames['frScroll'].document) { open("text/html","replace"); write(szHTML); close(); } szHTML = "<html><head>"+ "<style>A:link,A:visited,A:active {text-decoration:none;"+"color:"+c_rgszClr[3]+";}"+ ".clTab {cursor:hand;background:"+c_rgszClr[1]+";font:9pt Arial;padding-left:3px;padding-right:3px;text-align:center;}"+ ".clBorder {background:"+c_rgszClr[2]+";font:1pt;}"+ "</style></head><body onload=\"parent.fnInit();\" onselectstart=\"event.returnValue=false;\" ondragstart=\"event.returnValue=false;\" bgcolor="+c_rgszClr[4]+ " topmargin=0 leftmargin=0><table id=tbTabs cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>"; var iCellCount=(c_lTabs+1)*2; var i; for (i=0;i<iCellCount;i+=2) szHTML+="<col width=1><col>"; var iRow; for (iRow=0;iRow<6;iRow++) { szHTML+="<tr>"; if (iRow==5) szHTML+="<td colspan="+iCellCount+"></td>"; else { if (iRow==0) { for(i=0;i<iCellCount;i++) szHTML+="<td height=1 class=\"clBorder\"></td>"; } else if (iRow==1) { for(i=0;i<c_lTabs;i++) { szHTML+="<td height=1 nowrap class=\"clBorder\"> </td>"; szHTML+= "<td id=tdTab height=1 nowrap class=\"clTab\" onmouseover=\"parent.fnMouseOverTab("+i+");\" onmouseout=\"parent.fnMouseOutTab("+i+");\">"+ "<a href=\""+document.all.item("shLink")[i].href+"\" target=\"frSheet\" id=aTab> "+c_rgszSh[i]+" </a></td>"; } szHTML+="<td id=tdTab height=1 nowrap class=\"clBorder\"><a id=aTab> </a></td><td width=100%></td>"; } else if (iRow==2) { for (i=0;i<c_lTabs;i++) szHTML+="<td height=1></td><td height=1 class=\"clBorder\"></td>"; szHTML+="<td height=1></td><td height=1></td>"; } else if (iRow==3) { for (i=0;i<iCellCount;i++) szHTML+="<td height=1></td>"; } else if (iRow==4) { for (i=0;i<c_lTabs;i++) szHTML+="<td height=1 width=1></td><td height=1></td>"; szHTML+="<td height=1 width=1></td><td></td>"; } } szHTML+="</tr>"; } szHTML+="</table></body></html>"; with (frames['frTabs'].document) { open("text/html","replace"); charset=document.charset; write(szHTML); close(); } } function fnInit() { g_rglTabX[0]=0; var i; for (i=1;i<=c_lTabs;i++) with (frames['frTabs'].document.all.tbTabs.rows[1].cells[fnTabToCol(i-1)]) g_rglTabX[i]=offsetLeft+offsetWidth-6; 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} } } function fnMouseOutTab(iTab) { if (iTab>=0) { var elFrom=frames['frTabs'].event.srcElement; var elTo=frames['frTabs'].event.toElement; if ((!elTo) || (elFrom.tagName==elTo.tagName) || (elTo.tagName=="A" && elTo.parentElement!=elFrom) || (elFrom.tagName=="A" && elFrom.parentElement!=elTo)) { if (iTab!=g_iShCur) { with (frames['frTabs'].document.all) { tdTab[iTab].style.background=c_rgszClr[1]; } } } } } function fnSetActiveSheet(iSh) { if (iSh!=g_iShCur) { fnSetTabProps(g_iShCur,false); fnSetTabProps(iSh,true); g_iShCur=iSh; } } window.g_iIEVer=fnGetIEVer(); if (window.g_iIEVer>=4) fnBuildFrameset(); //--> </script> <![endif]><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <x:ExcelWorkbook> <x:ExcelWorksheets> <x:ExcelWorksheet> <x:Name>Sheet1</x:Name> <x:WorksheetSource HRef="Internments_files/sheet001.htm"/> </x:ExcelWorksheet> <x:ExcelWorksheet> <x:Name>Sheet2</x:Name> <x:WorksheetSource HRef="Internments_files/sheet002.htm"/> </x:ExcelWorksheet> <x:ExcelWorksheet> <x:Name>Sheet3</x:Name> <x:WorksheetSource HRef="Internments_files/sheet003.htm"/> </x:ExcelWorksheet> </x:ExcelWorksheets> <x:Stylesheet HRef="Internments_files/stylesheet.css"/> <x:WindowHeight>9120</x:WindowHeight> <x:WindowWidth>11355</x:WindowWidth> <x:WindowTopX>480</x:WindowTopX> <x:WindowTopY>60</x:WindowTopY> <x:ProtectStructure>False</x:ProtectStructure> <x:ProtectWindows>False</x:ProtectWindows> </x:ExcelWorkbook> </xml><![endif]--> </head> <frameset rows="*,39" border=0 width=0 frameborder=no framespacing=0> <frame src="Internments_files/sheet001.htm" name="frSheet"> <frame src="Internments_files/tabstrip.htm" name="frTabs" marginwidth=0 marginheight=0> <noframes> <body> <p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</p> </body> </noframes> </frameset> </html> END; include("../layout/footer.php"); ?> It works fine without the php stuff. . . but then it doesn't have the layout.
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