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Found 1 result

  1. Hello - First of all, I have low->medium knowledge of php, but it hasn't been used for allmost 10 years - But I'm all stuck here! I hope someone can help me, I'm pretty sure I will be getting retarded soon.. I have a CSV-file that has a structure like this: street, status, project Road Street 2, Possible, HyperGalaxy Street Road 4, Ready, Galaxy Road Street 2, Unknown, Unkown I've tried to import it into excel and making a macro, but after 3-5 hours of processing, my computer crashes and I have to start all over. My goal is that "Road Street 2, Unknown, Unknown" is deleted because of the status. - Possible is "better" than unknown - in this case.. I have around 300.000 rows and I know there will be approx. 10.000 duplicated values (and therefore 5.000 unique) Are there any way of deleting duplicates by a "condition"?
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