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Found 5 results

  1. why this simple code only works on chrome?? function mostrarOcultar(obj) { document.getElementById('seguro').style.visibility = (obj.checked) ? 'hidden' : 'visible'; } this the php: <table width="100%" border="1" id="seguro" style="visibility:visible"> <tr> <td bgcolor="#B4ED89" class="Estilo3"><?php echo "Cantidad Asegurada Bs" ?></td> <td width="47%"><input name="asegu" type="text" id="asegu" size="39" onkeypress="return NumCheck(event,this)" onpaste="return false"/></td> <tr> </table> only work on chrome and perfectly
  2. Hello everyone! I have just finished my first HTML/CSS class, so I have a lot left to learn. One of the unfortunate things that was not covered at all in my class was cross-browser compatability. I made my website where it looked good in Chrome, but had things broken in IE and FireFox. A friend suggested I try converting some of my 'loose html5 coding' to the more strict XHTML. Any feedback or suggestions would be very welcome overall, and specifically checking how this looks across browsers. I'm currently at work where I'm stuck using Win XP with IE7. It looks so broken on IE 7 I wouldn't know where to start. www.rusticspices.com/ (original project) www.rusticspices.com/xhtmltest.html (testing xhtml changes) xhtmltest.html
  3. Browser Issues : Safari and FireFox not displaying correctly Safari – Not displaying at all Firefox – ALignment issues? Can someone please help? http://tinyurl.com/ltth2sa
  4. Hello, I have piece of code I have written that, when the form is submitted it sends the string from the textbox through ajax, through a database and returns a name corresponding to that string. It works fine in chrome but not in firefox and I was wondering if you could help. If I set the function to a simple alert(code) it will fire it and work fine however when I revert it to the ajax script it simply reloads the page with the "?code=string" and ignores anything and everything in the js function. This is the ajax code: function signin(code) { // event.preventDefault(); var xmlhttp; var photo; if (code=="") { document.getElementById("resultcontents").innerHTML="lol"; return; } if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); } else {// code for IE6, IE5 xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() { if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) { var str = xmlhttp.responseText; var split = str.split(", "); document.getElementById("resultcontents").innerHTML=split['0']; document.getElementById("counter").innerHTML=split['1']; if(!(split['2'] == undefined)){ document.getElementById("webcamcanvas").innerHTML="<img src='" +split['2']+"' width='400' height='300'>"; } document.getElementById("codetextbox").value=""; document.getElementById("codetextbox").focus(); } } xmlhttp.open("GET","files/******.php?code="+code,true); xmlhttp.send(); } This is the HTML form: form onsubmit="signin(codeform.codetextbox.value)" name="codeform"> <input type="textbox" name="codetextbox" id="codetextbox" /> </form> The reason it has no submit button is because firstly, it clutters up the page and secondly I'm using a barcode scanner which automatically inserts a carriage return, submitting the form. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, it's to do with both JS and Ajax and I didn't know which to choose. Jacbey.
  5. I have written a fucntion in javascript for validation. The submit button is inside a form <input type="submit" name="submit_request" value="Submit" id="submit_req" onclick="return checkQ(event);" style="backgroundColor:Transparent;border:0;color:blue;width:100;"/> This is the function function checkQ() { //Validation var checkEmpty; //check empty text field var checkNum; //check whether authorized value is greater than the requested value var checkStr //check whether string is entered var qLength = document.getElementsByName("pQuantity[]").length; for(i=0;i<qLength;i++) { var pValue = document.getElementsByName("pQuantity[]")[i].value; //authorized quantity var reQnty = document.getElementsByName("quantity[]")[i].value; //requested quantity if(pValue != "") { checkEmpty = true; } else { alert("Quantity missing"); checkEmpty = false; return false; } if(Number(pValue)>Number(reQnty)) { alert("greater value"); checkNum = false; return false; } else { checkNum = true; } if(!Number(pValue)) { alert("You are only allowed to enter a number"); checkStr = false; return false; } else { checkStr = true; } } if(checkEmpty==true && checkNum==true && checkStr==true) { alert("working"); return true; } } It works fine in chrome and IE but for some reason even when every condition is satifisfied the form is not submitted in firefox. I get the alert dialogue box saying "working" but nothing happens after that. how to fix it
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