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Found 17 results

  1. I am trying to coonect my jquery price slider to my database in order to search for recipes depending on the price. I have written the code below but I am not sure were i am going wrong. Could anyone help? <!--Javascript code for jquery price range slider--> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $( "#slider-range" ).slider({ range: true, min: 0, max: 10, values: [ <?php echo $min?>,<?php echo $max?> ], // This line could be the issue? slide: function( event, ui ) { $( "#amount" ).val( "£" + ui.values[ 0 ] + " - £" + ui.values[ 1 ] ); } }); $( "#amount" ).val( "£" + $( "#slider-range" ).slider( "values", 0 ) + " - £" + $( "#slider-range" ).slider( "values", 1 ) ); }); </script> <!--php code to connect to jquery price slider--> <?php require_once './config.php'; include './header.php'; include('database.php'); if($_POST && isset($_POST['amount'])){ $values = $_POST['amount']; $values = str_replace(array(' ', '£'), '', $_POST['amount']); list($min, $max) = explode('-', $values); $sql = "SELECT `recipe_name`, `recipe_price`, `Image` FROM `recipe` WHERE `recipe_price` BETWEEN :min AND :max"; $stmt = $DB->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute(array(':min' => $min, ':max' => $max)); $rows = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if (count($rows) > 0) { foreach ($rows as $row) { // do loop stuff } } else { $min = 0; $max = 10; $HTML = ''; } } ?> <!--HTML code for price slider --> <form action="" method="post" id="recipe"> <div style="margin-left:20px"> <label for="amount">Price range:</label> <input type="text" id="amount" name="amount" style="border:0; color:#f6931f; font-weight:bold;" readonly> <br><br> <div id="slider-range" style="width:50%;"></div> <br><br> <input type="submit" value="Find" /> <br><br> <?php echo $HTML?> </div> </form> <!-- connnect to Database - PDO connection--> <?php error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_NOTICE); ob_start(); define('DB_DRIVER', 'mysql'); define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost'); define('DB_SERVER_USERNAME', 'xxxxx'); define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', 'xxxx'); define('DB_DATABASE', 'xxxxx'); define('PROJECT_NAME', 'BudGet Recipes'); $dboptions = array( PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT => FALSE, PDO::ATTR_DEFAULT_FETCH_MODE => PDO::FETCH_ASSOC, PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION, PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND => 'SET NAMES utf8', ); try { $DB = new PDO(DB_DRIVER . ':host=' . DB_SERVER . ';dbname=' . DB_DATABASE, DB_SERVER_USERNAME, DB_SERVER_PASSWORD, $dboptions); } catch (Exception $ex) { echo $ex->getMessage(); die; } ?>
  2. hi this php script is not working for me. just wont create tbles. here is the db php code. not my database details these are default ones
  3. Hi guys , i am really stuck here .. i am not a php programmer and got a script from a friend to open a link random on click anywhere on site .. this script works great but it only opens a link once a day , i need it to open a link every time the users clicks on the site. i googled a lot and fount that it is the cookie settings , only in all tutorials online they talk about setting cookie time on 0 ... this option is not written in the script i have and there is a tag made , new_Date i can not find any info on those tags like new day , and changing it to 0 breaks the script. does somebody know how to change this script so it works on every click on the site. this script is needed for affiliate links and i need it to open every time someone clicks on something on the site without time delay or a time delay from 1 minute for the main page. but most importent is the code without time delay . if someone wants to help i'll be very thankful course googling is not going to solve this for me .. Thanks the script :::: <script> var puShown = false; var PopWidth = 1370; var PopHeight = 800; var PopFocus = 0; var _Top = null; function GetWindowHeight() { var myHeight = 0; if( typeof( _Top.window.innerHeight ) == 'number' ) { myHeight = _Top.window.innerHeight; } else if( _Top.document.documentElement && _Top.document.documentElement.clientHeight ) { myHeight = _Top.document.documentElement.clientHeight; } else if( _Top.document.body && _Top.document.body.clientHeight ) { myHeight = _Top.document.body.clientHeight; } return myHeight; } function GetWindowWidth() { var myWidth = 0; if( typeof( _Top.window.innerWidth ) == 'number' ) { myWidth = _Top.window.innerWidth; } else if( _Top.document.documentElement && _Top.document.documentElement.clientWidth ) { myWidth = _Top.document.documentElement.clientWidth; } else if( _Top.document.body && _Top.document.body.clientWidth ) { myWidth = _Top.document.body.clientWidth; } return myWidth; } function GetWindowTop() { return (_Top.window.screenTop != undefined) ? _Top.window.screenTop : _Top.window.screenY; } function GetWindowLeft() { return (_Top.window.screenLeft != undefined) ? _Top.window.screenLeft : _Top.window.screenX; } function doOpen(url) { var popURL = "about:blank" var popID = "ad_" + Math.floor(89999999*Math.random()+10000000); var pxLeft = 0; var pxTop = 0; pxLeft = (GetWindowLeft() + (GetWindowWidth() / 2) - (PopWidth / 2)); pxTop = (GetWindowTop() + (GetWindowHeight() / 2) - (PopHeight / 2)); if ( puShown == true ) { return true; } var PopWin=_Top.window.open(popURL,popID,'toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,location=1,statusbar=1,menubar=0,resizable=1,top=' + pxTop + ',left=' + pxLeft + ',width=' + PopWidth + ',height=' + PopHeight); if (PopWin) { puShown = true; if (PopFocus == 0) { PopWin.blur(); if (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("applewebkit") > -1) { _Top.window.blur(); _Top.window.focus(); } } PopWin.Init = function(e) { with (e) { Params = e.Params; Main = function(){ if (typeof window.mozPaintCount != "undefined") { var x = window.open("about:blank"); x.close(); } var popURL = Params.PopURL; try { opener.window.focus(); } catch (err) { } window.location = popURL; } Main(); } }; PopWin.Params = { PopURL: url } PopWin.Init(PopWin); } return PopWin; } function setCookie(name, value, time) { var expires = new Date(); expires.setTime( expires.getTime() + time ); document.cookie = name + '=' + value + '; path=/;' + '; expires=' + expires.toGMTString() ; } function getCookie(name) { var cookies = document.cookie.toString().split('; '); var cookie, c_name, c_value; for (var n=0; n<cookies.length; n++) { cookie = cookies[n].split('='); c_name = cookie[0]; c_value = cookie[1]; if ( c_name == name ) { return c_value; } } return null; } function initPu() { _Top = self; if (top != self) { try { if (top.document.location.toString()) _Top = top; } catch(err) { } } if ( document.attachEvent ) { document.attachEvent( 'onclick', checkTarget ); } else if ( document.addEventListener ) { document.addEventListener( 'click', checkTarget, false ); } } function checkTarget(e) { if ( !getCookie('popundr') ) { var e = e || window.event; var win = doOpen('http://yourlinkurl.url/bannerpage.phphtml'); setCookie('popundr', 1, 24*60*60*1000); } } initPu(); </script>
  4. Can anyone help me with this? i´m trying to install a autoresponder on my website and after i run the installer i get this message and not the login page. Any suggestions? Message: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/awsomesuperfoods/public_html/responder/application/libraries/admin_controller.php:15) Filename: core/MY_Controller.php(1) : eval()'d code(3) : eval()'d code Line Number: 16
  5. My sign in code called activation is the script called activation.php. my login page is login.php and my profile page is the landing page once a successful login in attempt is made. the activation.php is the issue as i us the form in sign.php to login but the activation.php doesn't redirect me to the sign in page once a fail attempt is made or it doesn't redirect me to my profile page once a successful login in attempt is made. The following link has the code:https://gist.github.com/confusedstudent21/410f04991691f485e6c28d1e4050e13a where is it going wrong?
  6. i want to display 'Welcome userid!' after user has successfully logged in. I managed to display it after successfully logged in, but when the user key in the wrong userid and password, the 'Welcome userid' is also displayed. What should i do about it? Below are my coding: login.html processLogin.php index.html
  7. Hi Everyone, I am currently building a new website and the last big thing I need to finish is the PHP handling the forms we have built. Whenever I go to the page and submit the form, it seems to get into a never ending loop. I am not sure if the problem is in the code or if it is server side. Any assistance would be appreciated. I do not have much experience with PHP at all. I am going to attach the code below. The first file will contain the form and the second will be the PHP. Again, thank you for any suggestions you can provide. I am hoping the solution is simple. If I need to provide more information, let me know. form.html requestdemo.php
  8. Hello, Basically ive got a html drop down list, with various options based on urgency. One of the options is "Can wait" and if the user selects this option I want them to be displayed with a date picker so that they can pick a date. Ive got a HTML5 date picker in the form but its displayed all the time, whereas im looking for it to be displayed only if the user picks "Can wait". Is there a method I could use to get that to work? I need to get this working and I have done research, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone im new here and im very happy that i found smth good here (just a think). im trying to create alphabetic power search module for joomla my web test is this ->http://vps365826.ovh.net/index.php/africa as you can see the alhabetic line ( A B C D E G I K L M N R S T U Z ) as you see some words missing well thats cause i dont have articles with words ex (F) photo ex. ( http://prntscr.com/e9j9iu ) well i want to create it with all alphabetic words even if we dont have article with that word i've created with my friend that code <div class="ordered"> <ul> <?php $db = JFactory::getDBO(); $query = 'SELECT count(*) as nm, SUBSTR(title,1,1) as alpha FROM #__content WHERE catid = '.$catid.' GROUP BY SUBSTR(title,1,1)'; $db->setQuery($query); $mostIng = $db->loadObjectList(); foreach ($mostIng as $row) { echo '<li data-text="'.$row->alpha.'">'.$row->alpha.' '.'</li>'; } ?> </ul> </div> but i want it somethink like that <div class="ordered"> <ul> <li class="orderedLabel closed">Αναζήτηση αλφαβητικά ></li> <li>A</li> <li>B</li> <li>C</li> <li>D</li> <li>E</li> <li>F</li> <li>G</li> <li>H</li> <li>I</li> <li>J</li> <li>K</li> <li>L</li> <li>M</li> <li>N</li> <li>O</li> <li>P</li> <li>Q</li> <li>R</li> <li>S</li> <li>T</li> <li>U</li> <li>V</li> <li>W</li> <li>X</li> <li>Y</li> <li>Z</li> </ul> </div> well thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english im trying to learing btw thank you very much!!!
  10. We can create .php files every time I click on it will check to Simple "E: /e.txt" and read inside it and create / wirte to print .php file hosting We can create .php files every time I click on it will check to Simple "E: /e.txt" and read inside it and create / wirte to print .php file hosting?? , please help
  11. Hi again PHP Freaks. So I would like to code something similar to the buy menu of Counter-strike: Global offensive in-game module, just in a browser and for a project of mine. I've made the design in photoshop to illustrate better. I just don't know what I should look into to make this kind of menu, I would love if someone could explain me what languages that this would require. (I'm guessing HTML, CSS and jQuery but I am not sure) more specific help like which particular codes would be much appreciated. Here is a picture of what I would like to create. (Also attached) http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee433/rec0ill/CSGOKeyz_zps4195288a.png
  12. I have a span that is only supposed to show if the user is an admin. The code works fine on the current system but I'm trying to upgrade to a newer system. Here is the code: <div class="note ui-corner-top"> <h4 class="ui-corner-top"> <?=Format::daydatetime($note[created])?> - posted by <?=$note[staff]?> <span id='link_<?=$note[noteID]?>' style='float:right;padding-right:10px;'> <span id='sEdit'><a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Edit", "customer_note")'>Edit</a></span> <?if($thisstaff->isAdmin()){?> <span id='sDelete'> \ <a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Delete", "customer_note")'>Delete</a></span> <?}?> <span id='customer_note_save_link_<?=$note[noteID]?>' style='display:none'><a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Save", "customer_note")'>Save</a></span> <span id='customer_note_cancel_link_<?=$note[noteID]?>' style='display:none'> \ <a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Cancel", "customer_note")'>Cancel</a> < /span> </span> </h4> </div> [/] This is displaying "Edit isAdmin()){?> \ Delete" When I delete this line of code: [code] <?if($thisstaff->isAdmin()){?> [/] I get "Edit / Delete" which is exactly what I want but then it always displays even when the user isn't an admin. I'm assuming I'm missing something very simple here, like an apostrophe or something but I can't figure it out.
  13. I am having trouble with $this in a class file. Here's my code: function getId() { return $this->cust_id; } function update($vars, &$errors, $location_number=0, $mass=true){ return $this->save($this->getId(), $vars, $errors, $location_number, $mass )?true:false; } function save( $id, $vars, &$errors, $location_number, $mass){ echo 'now'; } [/] I know there is no customer id, as this is a new client but this is how the code was before and it was working. However, even if I pass a 0 for the customer id and do this: [code] function update($vars, &$errors, $location_number=0, $mass=true){ return $this->save(0, $vars, $errors, $location_number, $mass )?true:false; } [./] It still fails to call the save function. I have to do the following: [code] function update($vars, &$errors, $location_number=0, $mass=true){ return Cust::save(0, $vars, $errors, $location_number, $mass )?true:false; } [/] even though I am already in the Cust class. What is wrong?
  14. Hey guys! im currently learning javascript, PHP and SQL. I have a pretty solid understanding of HTML and CSS. I want to make a site similar to facebook (a good facebook). this is going to be a big project and i plan on moving to a bigger server system in a year or so to keep up with demands. Heres how the site will function: 1. Basic registration/splash page. I understand that the finished form is sent to a php file on the server side, correct? (ill change my server name files of course) 2. after the registration page, while the user is logged in with their new account, there are 3 pages after that that explain what the website is all about and how to use it. the last page allows the user to setup their profile information, ask friends to join, and asks what type of things they like. After the last page, it sends the user to their main control panel, where social media feed can be seen, friends and online chats, news, advertisements, links, pages and groups (think facebook and linkedin) 3. the user will have the ability to look at their profile (not the control panel), and of course switch back to their control panel. social media, friends, groups and ads will also be on their individual profile page as well. 4. i want the site to have two views: a standard view and an enhanced view. the enhanced view will reposition divs and all that stuff so they can see a background image (either stock or one they uploaded) this image will eventually change to an animated image of a 3d environment. 5. the site is going to be heavily social media based. This means social media feeds, image uploading, a structured comment system, a friend system, search functions and targeted advertising. This is obviously a lot to ask, but since their is so much to learn related to PHP and SQL, can someone point me to the right tutorials on how to get these things done? I am currently learning javascript, PHP and SQL on lynda.com. Expect me to be on this forum a lot and asking a lot of questions. Thanks for any help.
  15. Hi there, what I have been trying to do is add some additional logic.. My problem is I want to stop displaying the month and day after the year 2000? I know I need to add an if and else statement but this is my first actual project and I am a little stuck.. here is the page, it's a plugin for a timeline http://www.llandoveryheritage.org/project-timeline/ And the file is attached below.. any help would be appreciated. The plugin code was too long to just post in here, didn't want to cause any slow loading issues for people on a slow connection.. Thanks and I appreciate any help. annual_archive.php
  16. Sir/ma'am, With the script I'm using to run my website, I've been trying to add an additional feature for the users to add/edit. I'll try to provide as much info as I can, hopefully it'll help. Here is the code I'm using to display the user's unique info from the db. <a class="wallet-edit"><?php echo $_SESSION['simple_auth']['INFO']?></a> That displays the user's info from the column 'INFO' perfectly. It's also a js popup to a menu to where I'm hoping to add a single textbox to edit the INFO. The script uses a similar function to edit the password with a popup. I've tried modifying the code to edit the INFO column but it doesn't work. Here is the default code it has to edit the password. I'm not sure if it can be changed to edit another column or needs a new piece of code for that. // user edit $('body').on('click', '.username-edit', function() { $('#modal').html(' '); var output = '<div class="modal-content"><h5><?php echo lang::get("Change password")?></h5><hr />'; output += '<h5><?php echo lang::get("New password:")?></h5><input type="password" name="password" id="password" value="" class="text ui-widget-content ui-corner-all" />'; output += '<h5><?php echo lang::get("Confirm password:")?></h5><input type="password" name="password2" id="password2" value="" class="text ui-widget-content ui-corner-all" />'; output += '</div>'; output += '<div class="modal-buttons right">'; output += '<button id="confirm-button" type="button" class="nice radius button"><?php echo lang::get("Change")?></button>'; output += '</div>'; output += '<a class="close-reveal-modal"></a>'; $('#modal').append(output); $('#second_modal').hide(); $('#modal').reveal(); $('#confirm-button').click(function(){ $('#password').css('border-color', '#CCCCCC'); $('#password2').css('border-color', '#CCCCCC'); var password = $('#password').val(); var password2 = $('#password2').val(); if(typeof(password) === 'undefined' || password == ''){ $('#password').css('border-color', 'red'); return false; } if(password != password2){ $('#password2').css('border-color', 'red'); return false; } password_data = encodeURIComponent(password); $.post("<?php echo gatorconf::get('base_url')?>", { changepassword: password_data} ).done(function(data) { // flush window.location.href = '<?php echo gatorconf::get('base_url')?>'; }); }); }); If the code above can be edited to work with what I'm trying to do, it of course only needs one textbox and doesn't have to be confirmed by a second input. Please help! Thanks!
  17. Hei everyone. i need a solution to find : When any one clicks on any ad network banner that i place on site after a click on banner i want it to hide / remove. I need this so wont have multiple ad clicks and prevent being banned If some one can help me with the code how to make for example adhitz banner after a click made by that visitor to get hidden. I dont need a function on a simple click anywhere on page. I need when banner clicked to get hidden after the click is made on it.
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