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Found 13 results

  1. I am trying to coonect my jquery price slider to my database in order to search for recipes depending on the price. I have written the code below but I am not sure were i am going wrong. Could anyone help? <!--Javascript code for jquery price range slider--> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $( "#slider-range" ).slider({ range: true, min: 0, max: 10, values: [ <?php echo $min?>,<?php echo $max?> ], // This line could be the issue? slide: function( event, ui ) { $( "#amount" ).val( "£" + ui.values[ 0 ] + " - £" + ui.values[ 1 ] ); } }); $( "#amount" ).val( "£" + $( "#slider-range" ).slider( "values", 0 ) + " - £" + $( "#slider-range" ).slider( "values", 1 ) ); }); </script> <!--php code to connect to jquery price slider--> <?php require_once './config.php'; include './header.php'; include('database.php'); if($_POST && isset($_POST['amount'])){ $values = $_POST['amount']; $values = str_replace(array(' ', '£'), '', $_POST['amount']); list($min, $max) = explode('-', $values); $sql = "SELECT `recipe_name`, `recipe_price`, `Image` FROM `recipe` WHERE `recipe_price` BETWEEN :min AND :max"; $stmt = $DB->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute(array(':min' => $min, ':max' => $max)); $rows = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if (count($rows) > 0) { foreach ($rows as $row) { // do loop stuff } } else { $min = 0; $max = 10; $HTML = ''; } } ?> <!--HTML code for price slider --> <form action="" method="post" id="recipe"> <div style="margin-left:20px"> <label for="amount">Price range:</label> <input type="text" id="amount" name="amount" style="border:0; color:#f6931f; font-weight:bold;" readonly> <br><br> <div id="slider-range" style="width:50%;"></div> <br><br> <input type="submit" value="Find" /> <br><br> <?php echo $HTML?> </div> </form> <!-- connnect to Database - PDO connection--> <?php error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_NOTICE); ob_start(); define('DB_DRIVER', 'mysql'); define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost'); define('DB_SERVER_USERNAME', 'xxxxx'); define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', 'xxxx'); define('DB_DATABASE', 'xxxxx'); define('PROJECT_NAME', 'BudGet Recipes'); $dboptions = array( PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT => FALSE, PDO::ATTR_DEFAULT_FETCH_MODE => PDO::FETCH_ASSOC, PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION, PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND => 'SET NAMES utf8', ); try { $DB = new PDO(DB_DRIVER . ':host=' . DB_SERVER . ';dbname=' . DB_DATABASE, DB_SERVER_USERNAME, DB_SERVER_PASSWORD, $dboptions); } catch (Exception $ex) { echo $ex->getMessage(); die; } ?>
  2. hi this php script is not working for me. just wont create tbles. here is the db php code. not my database details these are default ones
  3. Hi guys , i am really stuck here .. i am not a php programmer and got a script from a friend to open a link random on click anywhere on site .. this script works great but it only opens a link once a day , i need it to open a link every time the users clicks on the site. i googled a lot and fount that it is the cookie settings , only in all tutorials online they talk about setting cookie time on 0 ... this option is not written in the script i have and there is a tag made , new_Date i can not find any info on those tags like new day , and changing it to 0 breaks the script. does somebody know how to change this script so it works on every click on the site. this script is needed for affiliate links and i need it to open every time someone clicks on something on the site without time delay or a time delay from 1 minute for the main page. but most importent is the code without time delay . if someone wants to help i'll be very thankful course googling is not going to solve this for me .. Thanks the script :::: <script> var puShown = false; var PopWidth = 1370; var PopHeight = 800; var PopFocus = 0; var _Top = null; function GetWindowHeight() { var myHeight = 0; if( typeof( _Top.window.innerHeight ) == 'number' ) { myHeight = _Top.window.innerHeight; } else if( _Top.document.documentElement && _Top.document.documentElement.clientHeight ) { myHeight = _Top.document.documentElement.clientHeight; } else if( _Top.document.body && _Top.document.body.clientHeight ) { myHeight = _Top.document.body.clientHeight; } return myHeight; } function GetWindowWidth() { var myWidth = 0; if( typeof( _Top.window.innerWidth ) == 'number' ) { myWidth = _Top.window.innerWidth; } else if( _Top.document.documentElement && _Top.document.documentElement.clientWidth ) { myWidth = _Top.document.documentElement.clientWidth; } else if( _Top.document.body && _Top.document.body.clientWidth ) { myWidth = _Top.document.body.clientWidth; } return myWidth; } function GetWindowTop() { return (_Top.window.screenTop != undefined) ? _Top.window.screenTop : _Top.window.screenY; } function GetWindowLeft() { return (_Top.window.screenLeft != undefined) ? _Top.window.screenLeft : _Top.window.screenX; } function doOpen(url) { var popURL = "about:blank" var popID = "ad_" + Math.floor(89999999*Math.random()+10000000); var pxLeft = 0; var pxTop = 0; pxLeft = (GetWindowLeft() + (GetWindowWidth() / 2) - (PopWidth / 2)); pxTop = (GetWindowTop() + (GetWindowHeight() / 2) - (PopHeight / 2)); if ( puShown == true ) { return true; } var PopWin=_Top.window.open(popURL,popID,'toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,location=1,statusbar=1,menubar=0,resizable=1,top=' + pxTop + ',left=' + pxLeft + ',width=' + PopWidth + ',height=' + PopHeight); if (PopWin) { puShown = true; if (PopFocus == 0) { PopWin.blur(); if (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("applewebkit") > -1) { _Top.window.blur(); _Top.window.focus(); } } PopWin.Init = function(e) { with (e) { Params = e.Params; Main = function(){ if (typeof window.mozPaintCount != "undefined") { var x = window.open("about:blank"); x.close(); } var popURL = Params.PopURL; try { opener.window.focus(); } catch (err) { } window.location = popURL; } Main(); } }; PopWin.Params = { PopURL: url } PopWin.Init(PopWin); } return PopWin; } function setCookie(name, value, time) { var expires = new Date(); expires.setTime( expires.getTime() + time ); document.cookie = name + '=' + value + '; path=/;' + '; expires=' + expires.toGMTString() ; } function getCookie(name) { var cookies = document.cookie.toString().split('; '); var cookie, c_name, c_value; for (var n=0; n<cookies.length; n++) { cookie = cookies[n].split('='); c_name = cookie[0]; c_value = cookie[1]; if ( c_name == name ) { return c_value; } } return null; } function initPu() { _Top = self; if (top != self) { try { if (top.document.location.toString()) _Top = top; } catch(err) { } } if ( document.attachEvent ) { document.attachEvent( 'onclick', checkTarget ); } else if ( document.addEventListener ) { document.addEventListener( 'click', checkTarget, false ); } } function checkTarget(e) { if ( !getCookie('popundr') ) { var e = e || window.event; var win = doOpen('http://yourlinkurl.url/bannerpage.phphtml'); setCookie('popundr', 1, 24*60*60*1000); } } initPu(); </script>
  4. Can anyone help me with this? i´m trying to install a autoresponder on my website and after i run the installer i get this message and not the login page. Any suggestions? Message: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/awsomesuperfoods/public_html/responder/application/libraries/admin_controller.php:15) Filename: core/MY_Controller.php(1) : eval()'d code(3) : eval()'d code Line Number: 16
  5. My sign in code called activation is the script called activation.php. my login page is login.php and my profile page is the landing page once a successful login in attempt is made. the activation.php is the issue as i us the form in sign.php to login but the activation.php doesn't redirect me to the sign in page once a fail attempt is made or it doesn't redirect me to my profile page once a successful login in attempt is made. The following link has the code:https://gist.github.com/confusedstudent21/410f04991691f485e6c28d1e4050e13a where is it going wrong?
  6. i want to display 'Welcome userid!' after user has successfully logged in. I managed to display it after successfully logged in, but when the user key in the wrong userid and password, the 'Welcome userid' is also displayed. What should i do about it? Below are my coding: login.html processLogin.php index.html
  7. Hi Everyone, I am currently building a new website and the last big thing I need to finish is the PHP handling the forms we have built. Whenever I go to the page and submit the form, it seems to get into a never ending loop. I am not sure if the problem is in the code or if it is server side. Any assistance would be appreciated. I do not have much experience with PHP at all. I am going to attach the code below. The first file will contain the form and the second will be the PHP. Again, thank you for any suggestions you can provide. I am hoping the solution is simple. If I need to provide more information, let me know. form.html requestdemo.php
  8. Hello, Basically ive got a html drop down list, with various options based on urgency. One of the options is "Can wait" and if the user selects this option I want them to be displayed with a date picker so that they can pick a date. Ive got a HTML5 date picker in the form but its displayed all the time, whereas im looking for it to be displayed only if the user picks "Can wait". Is there a method I could use to get that to work? I need to get this working and I have done research, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone im new here and im very happy that i found smth good here (just a think). im trying to create alphabetic power search module for joomla my web test is this ->http://vps365826.ovh.net/index.php/africa as you can see the alhabetic line ( A B C D E G I K L M N R S T U Z ) as you see some words missing well thats cause i dont have articles with words ex (F) photo ex. ( http://prntscr.com/e9j9iu ) well i want to create it with all alphabetic words even if we dont have article with that word i've created with my friend that code <div class="ordered"> <ul> <?php $db = JFactory::getDBO(); $query = 'SELECT count(*) as nm, SUBSTR(title,1,1) as alpha FROM #__content WHERE catid = '.$catid.' GROUP BY SUBSTR(title,1,1)'; $db->setQuery($query); $mostIng = $db->loadObjectList(); foreach ($mostIng as $row) { echo '<li data-text="'.$row->alpha.'">'.$row->alpha.' '.'</li>'; } ?> </ul> </div> but i want it somethink like that <div class="ordered"> <ul> <li class="orderedLabel closed">Αναζήτηση αλφαβητικά ></li> <li>A</li> <li>B</li> <li>C</li> <li>D</li> <li>E</li> <li>F</li> <li>G</li> <li>H</li> <li>I</li> <li>J</li> <li>K</li> <li>L</li> <li>M</li> <li>N</li> <li>O</li> <li>P</li> <li>Q</li> <li>R</li> <li>S</li> <li>T</li> <li>U</li> <li>V</li> <li>W</li> <li>X</li> <li>Y</li> <li>Z</li> </ul> </div> well thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english im trying to learing btw thank you very much!!!
  10. We can create .php files every time I click on it will check to Simple "E: /e.txt" and read inside it and create / wirte to print .php file hosting We can create .php files every time I click on it will check to Simple "E: /e.txt" and read inside it and create / wirte to print .php file hosting?? , please help
  11. I have a span that is only supposed to show if the user is an admin. The code works fine on the current system but I'm trying to upgrade to a newer system. Here is the code: <div class="note ui-corner-top"> <h4 class="ui-corner-top"> <?=Format::daydatetime($note[created])?> - posted by <?=$note[staff]?> <span id='link_<?=$note[noteID]?>' style='float:right;padding-right:10px;'> <span id='sEdit'><a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Edit", "customer_note")'>Edit</a></span> <?if($thisstaff->isAdmin()){?> <span id='sDelete'> \ <a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Delete", "customer_note")'>Delete</a></span> <?}?> <span id='customer_note_save_link_<?=$note[noteID]?>' style='display:none'><a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Save", "customer_note")'>Save</a></span> <span id='customer_note_cancel_link_<?=$note[noteID]?>' style='display:none'> \ <a href='javascript:makeEditable("<?=$note[noteID]?>", "Cancel", "customer_note")'>Cancel</a> < /span> </span> </h4> </div> [/] This is displaying "Edit isAdmin()){?> \ Delete" When I delete this line of code: [code] <?if($thisstaff->isAdmin()){?> [/] I get "Edit / Delete" which is exactly what I want but then it always displays even when the user isn't an admin. I'm assuming I'm missing something very simple here, like an apostrophe or something but I can't figure it out.
  12. I am having trouble with $this in a class file. Here's my code: function getId() { return $this->cust_id; } function update($vars, &$errors, $location_number=0, $mass=true){ return $this->save($this->getId(), $vars, $errors, $location_number, $mass )?true:false; } function save( $id, $vars, &$errors, $location_number, $mass){ echo 'now'; } [/] I know there is no customer id, as this is a new client but this is how the code was before and it was working. However, even if I pass a 0 for the customer id and do this: [code] function update($vars, &$errors, $location_number=0, $mass=true){ return $this->save(0, $vars, $errors, $location_number, $mass )?true:false; } [./] It still fails to call the save function. I have to do the following: [code] function update($vars, &$errors, $location_number=0, $mass=true){ return Cust::save(0, $vars, $errors, $location_number, $mass )?true:false; } [/] even though I am already in the Cust class. What is wrong?
  13. Hei everyone. i need a solution to find : When any one clicks on any ad network banner that i place on site after a click on banner i want it to hide / remove. I need this so wont have multiple ad clicks and prevent being banned If some one can help me with the code how to make for example adhitz banner after a click made by that visitor to get hidden. I dont need a function on a simple click anywhere on page. I need when banner clicked to get hidden after the click is made on it.
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