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Found 3 results

  1. I have a customer, using a WP website. They are currently using Google Tag Manager for the tracking code (active campaign) on the website rather than the recommended script. This is not working, the analytics are not being populated. They can;t add the global site tag because it interferes with the dataLayer. Is there a way to customise the scrip that they are currently using? The customer has Google Analytics already installed on the current AAF website https://affordableartfair.com/ (published via Google Tag Manager). They have said that it won't be possible to add the Gtag (global site tag) tracking as it interferes with the data on the page (dataLayer) and can cause major issues / may well not work as expected. As such we'll need to publish the Active Campaign scripts via a Custom HTML code tag OR a built in template. This is what we have on the AAF website at present: * image attached On AC Directly is this tracking code: <script type="text/javascript"> (function(e,t,o,n,p,r,i){e.visitorGlobalObjectAlias=n;e[e.visitorGlobalObjectAlias]=e[e.visitorGlobalObjectAlias]||function(){(e[e.visitorGlobalObjectAlias].q=e[e.visitorGlobalObjectAlias].q||[]).push(arguments)};e[e.visitorGlobalObjectAlias].l=(new Date).getTime();r=t.createElement("script");r.src=o;r.async=true;i=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];i.parentNode.insertBefore(r,i)})(window,document,"https://diffuser-cdn.app-us1.com/diffuser/diffuser.js","vgo"); vgo('setAccount', '223643323'); vgo('setTrackByDefault', true); vgo('process'); </script>
  2. Hei everyone. i need a solution to find : When any one clicks on any ad network banner that i place on site after a click on banner i want it to hide / remove. I need this so wont have multiple ad clicks and prevent being banned If some one can help me with the code how to make for example adhitz banner after a click made by that visitor to get hidden. I dont need a function on a simple click anywhere on page. I need when banner clicked to get hidden after the click is made on it.
  3. hi i am creating a website where a user can post a title,upload an image, description of image and description of ad and with this i keep getting error writing to database could somebody help me with this code thanks. also i need to insert current date into the database thanks. <?php if ( !isset($_FILES['userFile']['type']) ) { die('<p>No image submitted</p></body></html>'); } ?> You submitted this file:<br /><br /> Temporary name: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['tmp_name'] ?><br /> Original name: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['name'] ?><br /> Size: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['size'] ?> bytes<br /> Type: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['type'] ?></p> <?php require 'mysql.php'; $title=$_POST['title']; $description=$_POST['description']; // Validate uploaded image file if ( !preg_match( '/gif|png|x-png|jpeg/', $_FILES['userFile']['type']) ) { die('<p>Only browser compatible images allowed</p></body></html>'); } else if ( strlen($_POST['altText']) < 9 ) { die('<p>Please provide meaningful alternate text</p></body></html>'); } else if ( $_FILES['userFile']['size'] > 16384 ) { die('<p>Sorry file too large</p></body></html>'); // Connect to database } else if ( !($link=mysql_connect($host, $user, $passwd)) ) { die('<p>Error connecting to database</p></body></html>'); } else if ( !(mysql_select_db($dbName)) ) { die('<p>Error selecting database</p></body></html>'); // Copy image file into a variable } else if ( !($handle = fopen ($_FILES['userFile']['tmp_name'], "r")) ) { die('<p>Error opening temp file</p></body></html>'); } else if ( !($image = fread ($handle, filesize($_FILES['userFile']['tmp_name']))) ) { die('<p>Error reading temp file</p></body></html>'); } else { fclose ($handle); // Commit image to the database $image = mysql_real_escape_string($image); $alt = htmlentities($_POST['altText']); $query = 'INSERT INTO image (title,type,name,alt,img,description,date) VALUES ("' . $title . '","' . $_FILES['userFile']['type'] . '","' . $_FILES['userFile']['name'] . '","' . $alt . '","' . $image . '","' . $description . '","' . $NOW() . '")'; if ( !(mysql_query($query,$link)) ) { die('<p>Error writing image to database</p></body></html>'); } else { die('<p>Image successfully copied to database</p></body></html>'); } } ?>
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