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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy, So I have been using my current hosting for 3+ years, however it has PHP 5.2 which was made in 2006 and it has gotten kind of pathetic. It didn't bother me until I tried to upload my Laravel project, and well, after a couple of hours trying to make it run, it turned out that the minimum for Laravel is 5.3.17 PHP so I guess the time has come to change my beloved hosting to another one. I looked over some options, but I am confused and need your help. Any hosting to recommend with the newest PHP version support? Since also that way I could test my PHP 5.5 programs and of course soon, I hope, PHP 7! Also would be great if the hosting supports Perl 5.16 at least, but not too important. Many Thanks!
  2. What configuration, code or service is needed to hide root directories from a hosting. When I access it, do not show me what PHP classes I'm in. If so, hide folders but keep making use of the chain of classes that have a relationship.
  3. Hello All, Have a GoDaddy MySQL PHP:PDO hosting questions. Using a database class to make script queries. Unfortunately, I'm required to use GoDaddy Windows hosting. However, I'm a Linux kind of guy. Here's the issue. The viewer script includes database credentials defined as constants, in a file outside the root directory. Typically, these constants are available to all sub processes including class objects. Everything works as expected on development server. The error message I get with version using constants: L226: projectGallery_class datapull Caught Exception --- invalid data source name with host string userDBName.db.6482519.hostedresource.com;dbname=userDBName However when I deploy to GoDaddy's production server, the constants are defined - but empty. Here is the example code. /* works on Linux */ class datapull { var $host; // not assigned here var $userName; // not assigned here var $userPass; // not assigned here protected function conn() { try { $DB = new PDO(DB_HOST,DB_UNAME,DB_PASS); $DB->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); return $DB; } catch( Exception $e ) { $mes = "L226: datapull::conn() Caught Exception --- "; $mes .= $e->getMessage(); error_log($mes); } } public function dbquery($qqueue) { $DB = (!isset($DB)) ? $this->conn() : $DB; /* some query stuff here */ return $result } The modified class for GoDaddy Windows class datapull { var $host = “mysql:host=userDBName.db.1234567.hostedresource.com;dbname=userDBName”; var $userName = “userDBName”; //godaddy user and database naming convention var $userPass = “userPWDString”; //user password protected function conn() { try { $DB = new PDO($this->host,$this->userName,$this->userPass); $DB->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION); return $DB; } catch( Exception $e ) { $mes = "L226: datapull::conn() Caught Exception --- "; $mes .= $e->getMessage(); error_log($mes); } } public function dbquery($qqueue) { $DB = (!isset($DB)) ? $this->conn() : $DB; /* some query stuff here */ return $result }
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