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Found 3 results

  1. Say I have this loop. foreach($record as $row) { <div class="hello">Hello World!</div> } I want to loop through and add a letter alongside the "Hello World!" above. To do that, I found this code. $azRange = range('A', 'Z'); foreach ($azRange as $letter) { print("$letter\n"); } How can I combine the two loops so that I get a result like this? A Hello World! B Hello World! C Hello World! D Hello World! E Hello World! F Hello World!
  2. Hi i am trying to make a bto for a game i play with my friends we play in a group of 4 in the game there is a line of letters 4-5 of them you then need to make words from thos letters and the one with the most words wins i have created my own anagram solver and created a bot for entering these into the flash game but now i want to make it fully auto i am looking for a way to get the letters from the flash game ? i have looked at the page source code and nothing is stored there so i am wondering if there is any way to inspect the game as it runs inside vb.net ?
  3. Regex always kills me. I want a string to be only letters, numbers, dash, underscore, or space. if ( !preg_match( $pattern, $str ) ){ $err = 'Only letters, numbers, space, underscore and dash are allowed.'; return $err } In this example, what is $pattern ? My best guess was... $pattern = '/[^a-zA-Z0-9_-\s]+/'; ... but it's not working.
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