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Found 1 result

  1. I'll state that I'm a complete amateur when it comes to programming in case I'm not clear or I say something that doesn't make sense. I have two websites which have evolved over the years with different programmers at different times - www.little-persia.com and www.love-rugs.com. I look after both cosmetically and have worked out various issues with javascript, php etc. over the years by just researching and teaching myself/using common sense/problem solving. However I'm stumped. Little-Persia is really fast when it comes to searches (page changes in under 2 seonds and images load within another second) yet Love-Rugs is unbearably slow (I hit search and the page hangs for about 12 seconds before doing anything). I think I've worked it out as having little to do with page sizes/image load times etc. and more to do with number of queries. Load times are at their worst for a blank search - if I put in a few filters in an advances search the load times become bearable (although still not great or anywhere near the same speed as Little-Persia). The two websites have different tables with Love-Rugs loading information on stock levels/size and price from one and general details from another. Little-Persia is all individual products (don't come in a variety of sizes/prices) so all their info is stored on one table. I'm trying to obviously figure out how to speed it up and/or remove unnecessary queries but to do that I need to find out where they're originating. Is there a way to do this?
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