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Found 4 results

  1. Is it possible to have a horizontal masonry effect? I know usually masonry is done in columns with posts shown in order vertically. However I want it to be done horizontally. I also want it to be CSS only - no JavaScript whatsoever. Is this possible? Have tried loads of things like displaying as flex, CSS columns, floating, inline-blocks and whatever.
  2. Hi All, I have a problem with masonry. I initially have a scrollable area that contains DIVs with fixed width. Each DIV contains info about an event, and consists of two DIVs, an upper one, and a lower one. When the user has JS enabled, only the upper one part displays. They can display the lower DIV by clicking a plus sign. Without masonry, this clicking operation will create a blank area. I woud like to get rid of this blank area. I tried to implement masonry, but the result is that when the lower part of a div is displayed, it overlaps the upper part of the div below it. At this stage I defined no options for masonry. I just installed masonry.pkgd.min.js and add class="js-masonry" to the scrollable area. Thank you for your help !
  3. The current infinite scroll script I have works great by it self. The masonry script I have works as well by itself. However when I combine them both, they won't work. I am wondering if there is an infinite scroll script that would work with Masonry?
  4. i have resposive webpage layout with masonry. when user resizes the browser below certain viewport width, i destroy masonry. but after user resized back, i can't reinitialize masonry. it just will not arrange the blocks as it should. any ideas how to fix this?
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